Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ultrasound, Menu Plan, Etc.

First, a few tidbits for you:

*I had my ultrasound today, and we got an idea of whether we are having a boy or girl! Right now we don't plan on sharing the news with anyone unless we let it slip out by accident.

*Ellie was really cute at the ultrasound and was really excited to see "picture of baby!"

*We had a bit of potty training success earlier today, but as the day wore on we had a few more accidents.

*Oddly, my nausea has worsened quite a bit this week...even to the point of gagging! What's with that??

*8 Years ago today marked the start of me and my husband's blossoming romance as we had "the talk" at a camp staff party

*I don't remember meeting my husband before I met him at camp when I was 16. However, when he was a little boy, he came to my parents' farm with his dad for some farm-related business. My Dad gave him one of our farm pens with our/my phone number on it. When we started dating, he still had the pen!

*I need to experiment with making fondant (perhaps tonight) and hope to have Ellie's 2nd birthday cake pretty much ready by early next week. I'm baking the cake and freezing it. I'm making the fondant and buttercream ahead of time Then, I hope to only have to put the whole thing together a day or two before the party.

*I don't really know how I'm decorating the cake. I'm thinking of a flower theme right now.

*Hubs has been working extremely hard to get our doors and closet doors sanded and painted. I think after tonight, he will be totally done the sanding and painting!

*The next few weeks are going to be insanely busy with birthday parties & weddings galore.

*It's a clean-my-fridge-out kind of week. I need to use up whipping cream, peppers, and mushrooms. Here's what we had/are having this week:

Monday - Leftovers

Tuesday - Chicken Fingers (I tolerated one and then had leftover chili in the freezer), Tater Tots, Salad, and Carrot Sticks

Wednesday - Stuffed Peppers, Baked Potatoes, Roasted Veggies

Thursday - Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo, Veggies
Friday - Homemade Pizza

Saturday - Leftovers & Going Out to Eat

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Jaclyn Hicks said...

Hopefully you can manage some rest in all of that!! Take Care.

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