Monday, June 18, 2012

5 to 10 Challenge: Week 4

Last week went fairly well for me. I always seem to struggle most on the weekends when my snacking can get out of hand. I went to bed a bit earlier most nights, but I still have a lot of work to do in that area!  I got in 4 exercise sessions and have been way more water than I used to. I believe at this point my weight loss has plateaued. I haven't seen much change in the past month or so. Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting again, but I still have a bit of work to do to get back into some of them. I am trying to face the facts that if I want to get past this plateau I'm going to have to stir things up a bit.

On to this weeks tips:

Tip 7: Eat a Healthy Breakfast: I eat breakfast every single morning, but I wasn't always a breakfast girl. I confess my breakfasts are boring and I tend to eat the same thing A piece of toast, yogurt, and coffee. I'm going to try to vary my breakfast a bit this week. Maybe try oatmeal, or eggs one or two days.

Tip 8: Cut Back on After-Supper Snacks: If you're anything like me, I often make my poorest food choices after supper. During the day I'm too busy to snack much, but when I relax in the evenings, often the bag of chips or bowl of ice cream makes its appearance. Try to cut out or cut back on this after-supper snack , or make a healthier choice that is both lower in calories and more nutritious.


Beth said...

About breakfast, Im trying something regular breakfast foods. I've been trying to start my day with a bowl of brown rice mixed with kale and fresh tomatoes. I know sounds gross! I'm TRYING to love greens. I think I am starting to. I feel great all morning and I am not hungry till lunch. I am a mom of 5 so I make up a big batch for the week and heat and eat.

Tracey said...

I'm right there with you on needing to limit the nighttime snacks. That's my time to relax and I always seem to be drawn to including food in that relaxation! I'm at least trying to make that snack earlier rather than later in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have not commented before But I enjoy your blog!
Have you ever tried T-Tapp? I really like it. I lost several inches I believe it was almost 10 (I stopped) but need to start again. I like the videos as I am a visual learning. I did not enjoy the book as well!
Mrs. W

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