Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Quirky Little Jingle

Going on Day 7 of the stomach flu here. It's slowed down but not over yet, sadly. Staying up for almost 48 hours straight is no good. No good. Last night was not quite as bad, but it was still bad.

When 'da babies don't sleep, 'den 'da mamas don't sleep. 
An'den 'da mamas, 'dem poor mamas,  'deir minds dey don't keep. 

This is the kind of stuff that randomly pops up in my head...and yes, there's a tune to that little jingle. I am starting to realize that I'm an awfully weird person. Well, that's not entirely true. I've actually known it for quite some time now. Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile but don't know me in person probably really do think I've lost my mind and wonder if I've changed. I have a feeling, though, that those who know me quite well in person are not at all surprised that these are the kind of things that randomly pop into my head. They know me all too well. Now, so do you.

My heart is to blog about homemaking, frugality, home schooling, and biblical living. That has not changed. My love for the Lord and living for Him has not changed. But for the longest time, I felt like I was hiding my quirky personality and that my blog writing was not totally "me." I wasn't letting my personality infuse my writing. My values have not changed at all. It's just that in order for me to keep writing on here once in a blue moon, I need to quit worrying about people not liking me or my blog because they think I'm a little strange. The truth is...in real life, I am a little strange. a little quirky. a little weird. Or maybe a lot. I can see my relatives nodding their heads.

We have a substantial amount of life-stress going on right now. How do I deal with this? Well, not all that well all the time. But, really....prayer and reading God's Word. Even in the midst of my exhaustion, if I make the time to read even a few verses, I find that God's Word is balm to a tired body, mind, and soul, which should come as no surprise.

The occasional quirky little jingle doesn't hurt either.


Sharon Klaassen said...

Aww Jenna, I wasn't nodding my head - only smiling! :-) I know what you mean about the feeling the need to "be" something or someone else when you blog. Gone through that for sure. For me it was more, I have to post all the "right" things, or even I have to post ENOUGH times to make my blog worthwhile. Not so says God. Write what I want you to write and I will bless it - is what He really says. So blessings to you as you write. I know you are allowing those of us to realize that we too can keep life real just like you are doing. Life is NOT always a bed of roses. . . in fact with little ones maybe it is - just the thorny kind! LOL But then they grow up and you wonder where those tender little moments went. All those tough no sleep days, the runny nose and crying days, they are long in the distance. And you'll look back and realize that just somewhere you miss those days. So hang on. The kids are growing up and pretty soon, these days will be a memory. One you will smile on and say "I LOVED those toddler growing up days!" Thanks for being real!!! You bless me!!! Sharon

Linda said...

Your mind is working, you are quite creative. I think after seven days I wouldn't be able to put together a sentence.lol!

Hope you are all well soon.

Victoria, Oregon said...

Mutt husband says "Normal is just a setting on the washing machine." No one is normal! From one quirky person to another... I enjoy your blog and I'm glad you are real. My girls are 5 and 6 now and this is my favorite age. The baby and toddler years were very challenging and sleep deprived. It's different for everyone. God bless you!!

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