Wednesday, June 3, 2015

5 Favourite Weight Loss Foods

1) Truvia - This is a sugar substitute (stevia-based) with zero calories that tastes almost like real sugar to me. It can be found in most grocery stores. It is quite expensive, so I don't use it in large quantities. It is a bit sweeter than sugar, so you don't need to use as much of it. My favourite uses - to sweeten coffee, homemade "skinny" iced-caps, my zero-calorie copycat Mountain-Dew slushies, and with plain fat-free Greek yogurt, vanilla, & berries.

2) Konjac Noodles (also known as yam noodles or shiratake noodles) - These are an Asian-style noodle that have only 10 calories per serving. They can be a bit tricky to find, but I have found them in the Asian or International section of grocery stores. These are not a pasta substitute, in my opinion (believe me, I've tried!). The texture takes some getting used to as they are rubbery and a bit chewy. However, I have a super-quick Asian noodle recipe that works really well for these. You can eat a huge bowl for only 10 calories, which is crazy. Crazy awesome. Obviously you wouldn't want to eat just these noodles for a meal too often as they are far too low in calories for that. However, you could make a pretty awesome stir-fry with these and still have dessert.

3) Cabbage or Bagged Coleslaw Mix - Great for making "miracle" soup (a low-calorie version of cabbage borscht). Also great for quick and easy "Egg-Roll-in-a-Bowl."

4) Plain Fat-free Greek Yogurt - My favourite way to eat this is with a splash of vanilla, truvia, and strawberries. Low-calorie, healthy dessert or snack. I eat this often for breakfast or in the evenings when my husband brings out the ice cream ;-).

5)  Joseph's Lavash Bread - Lower-carb tortilla/wrap alternative. These taste SO much better than regular tortillas. Love, love, love them! My favourite way to use them is for lunch with deli turkey meat, sprinkle of bacon bits, sprinkle of cheese, 2 teaspoons of mayo, mustard, lettuce, and cucumbers (healthy version of turkey club sandwich).

Even though I do not technically follow the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) way of eating anymore, all of these items are heavily used for those following THM, and I still implement many of their principles into my eating. I tried THM about a year ago and did have a small amount of success. However, I quickly gained the weight back when I cheated here and there. I tried it again about a month or two again but actually gained weight this time around. I honestly think the reason I gained weight on it was because I was simply consuming too many calories.They say you don't need to count calories with the plan, but I know that if you eat too much, you will not have success on the plan. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to weight-loss and healthy eating. I'm a believer in finding what works for you and is a healthy approach. Reading the book and following the THM Facebook groups definitely gave me some great ideas for weight-loss friendly foods and recipes. My plan is my own plan...calorie counting and moderate carbs, exercise, and "cheats" allowed in moderation on the weekend. I have quite a long way to go yet...I try to remind myself to not get discouraged when results are not as quick as I hope.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, are the konjac noodles gluten free? And where do you get them? Love always, Mom

Jenna said...

Yes, the konjac/shiratake noodles are gluten free. I buy them in the international/Asian aisle at the Wholesale Club. They are a little hard to find there, but I'll let you see what the package looks like next time I see you :-). They are 99 cents a package. They stink like fish really, really badly when you open the package due to the liquid they are preserved in, but you just rinse them under water really well; they don't taste fishy at all. I have a few recipes to use with them.

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