Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ellie Update

This morning (Wednesday, June 8) I got Ellie's blood test results from her last CBC done this week. She currently goes for check ups and blood work every 3 months. The results are pretty much the same as her last test other than a slight improvement in neutrophils but a decrease in total white blood cells. Her total white blood cell count is only 3.6 and the normal range is 5.0 - 17. 5. Her neutrophil count is at 0.46 , which keeps her borderline severe range (0 - 0.5). Since her platelets have been in the normal range, it seems her complete WBC has decreased. Her total WBC was actually in the normal range when her neutrophils were at their lowest. Neutrophils are just one component of your white blood cells. Other than the low overall count and the slightly improved, but still very low neutrophils, everything else in the test was normal. Her check-up went well, and the pediatrician is quite pleased with how she is doing. She really hasn't gotten sick much more than any other kid. In fact, I would consider her to be healthier (in terms of illness) than the average toddler. We did give her a vaccination last week and she seems to have tolerated that well. The plan is to go ahead with the next vaccinations (MMR and Varicella). I'm a bit nervous about the live vaccines - I won't lie. I don't feel great about giving her the shots, but I don't feel great about not giving her the shots. But, we've done a lot of research, and my husband and I feel like this is the best choice.

On to other Ellie news....

She's spitting out more words every day and says a few 4 word sentences. She is going through this super cute stage right now where she is SO cuddly and affectionate. We are loving it. Just today, my husband wasn't feeling well and she went over to him and said, "Kiss it better? I love you Daddy! (kiss!) All better!" That just melts my heart. She takes turns running back and forth hugging me and my husband and telling us how much she loves us. She even called me sweetie-pie today! Ha! Every morning when my husband goes to work, Ellie says, "I'll miss you Daddy. I love you Daddy. See you later Daddy. Hug. Kiss." She loves to take care of her dolly and play Mommy with her. She is really into colouring and building towers with her blocks. She loves to clean up and can't stand messes. If she accidentally spills something she says ,"ohhh..mess! Mess! Clean it up!" and then proceeds to wipe it up. Meal times are still an issue with her picky eating and difficult time sitting still. Bed times have improved drastically and at home we have no issues any more. Going to other people's houses is still touch-and-go. Sometimes she does well...sometimes she doesn't. She loves to sing and any time she hears music, she says, "Song? Song?" She will sit at the piano by herself and pretend to play and sing "Jesus Loves Me." She is starting to learn to count to 10 and sing her ABC's. All colours are still "yellow" to her! Her favourite shape is a circle. She is very observant and any time she hears even the faintest beep she will say "Beep Beep." She recognizes TONS of objects. Her memory amazes me as she has many songs mostly memorized already and will sing them to herself often. Whenever we drive past church, she yells out "church!" If we go through a drive through, she gets really excited and asks for either a "hamburger", "fries", or a "smoovie."
She LOVES to help with anything and everything. She puts things in the garbage, many times without me asking and puts her toothbrush in her drawer. She will follow almost any simple command...except for when she doesn't want to listen, of course! She sure is special, and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

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Anonymous said...

hey jenna- what a cutie you have! how old is ellie?? i am trying to place her around cash's age 2 or inbetween kai 3 and cash 2 come this summer anyways.
i have been reading your website since early fall last year but never post.
i have a cookie receipe from you that we love, love, love! with nuts, white chocolate chips and milk choco chips! it is so awsome.
i finally decided to start a website. just this june. as if i wasn't busy enough but thought it would be good/fun for a few family members aways away!
have a good day, thanks for the good site!

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