Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ellie at 2 Years Old

If you're looking for her birthday party pictures, you can find them here.

How does a little girl go from this...

To this....

And then to this...

In just 2 years!!?

Ellie at 2 Years Old

A little about you at 2...
You are a very bright, very sweet girl. You are also very stubborn and strong-willed. (I have no idea where she gets that from ;-) ). You are mostly outgoing and have an aggressive, go-getter personality, but you don't like strangers much. You are compassionate and like to give hugs and kisses and get concerned when others are hurt or look sad. You are a bit of a girly girl and often ask to wear "pretty dress?". Although you don't like to have your hands dirty or make messes inside, when you get outside you LOVE playing in the dirt and sandbox. You also enjoy sports, especially hockey and love to play it with your Daddy and watch hockey highlights on the computer. Throwing and kicking a ball are some of your favourite things to do with Daddy. You recognize the Flyers' logo and when you see it, you yell, "Go Flyers!" You are starting to become interested in playing with dolls and pretending to be a mommy. You also like to do simple puzzles and colour. Mommy often hears you singing throughout the day because you pick up on songs very quickly - everything from Jesus Loves Me to the ABCs to To God Be the Glory and Standing on the Promises. As far as sleep goes, you are an extremely light sleeper, which has made switching you to a toddler bed and getting you to stay there a challenge. Mommy doesn't even want to think about potty training until we get you sleeping better in your own bed :-).

The Stats:

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 25 lbs

Favourite Foods:
chicken, steak, roast beef, toast with rhubarb jam, peaches, oatmeal, things she can dip, tomato soup, most soups, cucumbers, perogies, sour cream, yogurt

Least Favourite Foods:
ground beef, meat balls, casseroles, rice, sausage, carrots

Favourite Activities:
colouring, playing with stickers, helping bake by mixing things, singing, dancing, listening to stories, splashing in the bathtub, talking on the phone and pretending to talk on the phone

Least Favourite Activities:
sleeping, sitting still, being by yourself, eating meals, brushing your teeth

Your vocabulary is growing quickly along with your ability to structure sentences, and you are becoming a little chatterbox. You repeat everything you hear and have lots of songs memorized. You ask questions, such as "Who's that?," "What's this?" "Where are we?" "How are you?" and one of the strangest ones, "So, why do we eat so much?" (from a Veggie Tales movie. It took me a LONG time to figure out where she got that one from!). You make comments such as, "I don't like that," "No thanks", "That's cuuuuute!" "Thank you for supper, Mommy", "I'm just playing", "I'm hungry."

You are learning how to...
Sing your ABC's (almost perfectly)
Count to 10 (sometimes you skip the #5 :-))

We love you so much our sweet "Ellie", our "God answers prayer" blessing.

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