Friday, March 30, 2012

Renovation Update

It's official. I hate renovating.

I am just a tad overwhelmed at the chaos of it all.

Here is what we've (and by "we" I really mean my father-in-law and husband )accomplished in the last 12 days.

  • Purchased cabinets
  • Tore out pantry & pantry wall
  • Tore out all cabinets
  • Gyprocked the ceiling
  • Mudded & Sanded the ceiling (x3)...this job took us a week.
  • Patched a bunch of other drywall
  • Assembled several cabinets
  • Purchased vinyl flooring (that was done today)
Left to Do
  • Rip up old floor
  • Install new floor
  • Get our "basement kitchen" organized so we can live a half-normal life during the reno
  • Get the dishwasher & fridge hookups figured out
  • Buy appliances
  • Buy light fixtures
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Order countertop
  • Order sink & tap
  • Install Cabinets
I will be SO excited when it's completed!!

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