Thursday, July 5, 2012

Experimenting for Supper Tonight

I'm going to experiment with a couple of new recipes for supper tonight.

On the menu...

Chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, feta (will use mozza for hubby cause he doesn't like feta but I LOVE it!), sundried tomatoes, & onions. I will also roll it in a crumb coating. No recipe for this one...I'm kind of just winging it based off a few different recipe inspirations. Note to self: Write down what I do just in case it actually turns out!

Quinoa Mediterranean Salad: This is my first time making quinoa, and I just cooked it up now for the salad. I'm pretty confident I'm going to love it as it has a wonderfully nutty flavour just by itself. Not sure if it will be hubby's cup of tea, though. We'll see :-) I'm using a recipe for this one.

Mashed Potatoes (because if everything else husband will think it is a fantastic meal if I make him mashed potatoes. My man could live off of mashed potatoes!

Let you know how it turns out,


Kara Braun said...

I could also live off of mashed potatoes haha. Hope this all turned out good. I like how you note what your husband doesn't like compared to you - I struggle with finding new things to try that Jordie will also eat haha!

Tonya said...

Stopping by from
I am always interested in seeing what other ladies are making. The stuffed chicken sounds yummy!

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