Monday, December 2, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

We did our huge monthly grocery trip this past weekend. This time my husband came along to help me, which made an exhausting 3 hours much more bearable. I am definitely finished with going alone for the rest of this pregnancy. Doing a monthly menu plan and a huge once a month trip is not really my preference, but it is saving us a lot of money in our grocery budget, so it will likely be the norm now.

Monday: Lunch -  Skillet Light Lasagna
             Supper - Cheeseburger Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Lettuce
*Brown extra ground beef for the freezer for Sunday's nachos*

Tuesday: Lunch - Sandwiches & Potato Soup
              Supper - Leftovers

Wednesday: Lunch - Tuna Sandwiches
                  Supper - Crockpot Curry Butter Chicken, Brown Rice, Mixed Veggies

Thursday: Lunch - Leftover Chicken Curry
               Supper - Spinach Lasagna (*make 2, 1 for freezer for after baby is born*) & Caesar Salad

Friday: Lunch - Leftovers
          Supper - Homemade Pizza, Carrots & Dip

Saturday: Lunch: Pancakes & Fruit
              Supper -  Leftover Pizza

Sunday: Loaded Nachos

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