Monday, December 30, 2013

Menu Plan Monday & Update

This next week is looking like it will be another busy one for us. We had a fun week last week with all of our family gatherings. We even used some of our Christmas/Birthday money to take a day trip to a near-by city for some family fun. Unfortunately, we have all been battling illness the past couple of weeks, but thankfully it is nothing too serious, just sore throat/sinus/head cold. Now that I'm nearly 34 weeks along, I am seeing my midwife more often. Last week I had another ultrasound, and we found out the gender of our baby. This was a real blessing as it has made this pregnancy seem a whole lot more real to me and has increased my excitement and anticipation, which is something I've kind of struggled with this time around. We are not planning on revealing the gender to anyone else, though :-).

 Panic is starting to set in a little bit since there are only a few more weeks to go and still so much left to do before the baby arrives. Here's what we are hoping to get done before baby's arrival in February:

* Switch Nathanael from his crib into a bed. Last night was the first night we followed through on this. It went fairly well, but he got up several times last night. He never made a peep though, so it was actually kind of cute when he toddled out of bed in a half-a-sleep state. Nap time today did not go quite a smoothly - I'm sure he got out at least 20 times before he finally crashed. This was a majorly frustrating process when we did this with Elianna, so I'm really hoping Nathanael's transition goes smoother...I think it will. They have quite different personalities ;-).
*Figure out room/bed arrangements for when baby arrives.(Right now we are hoping to temporarily move Nathanael into Elianna's room once he's learned to stay in his bed and then have the baby in our room for the first few weeks until we move baby into his/her own room (Currently Nathanael's room) until he/she sleeps through the night. After that, we will find more permanent arrangements, depending on baby's gender.)
*Freezer Meals, Massive Grocery Shopping Trip, & Menu Plans for January (& most of February)
*Purge & Organize Entire House- This is a big task we are trying to get done before baby's arrival. We have finished the main bathroom, cleaning closet, and most of the toys.
*Bring up the Baby Stuff (& Find Space for All of It)
*Decide on Baby Names - yep, running out of time and have barely even started this process.

This week we are getting cable tv hooked up (believe it or not, it's actually CHEAPER for us to get tv and have internet than to have just internet without tv. This is only because of a promo that is on right now. Doing this will save us approx $90 off our internet bill for the 6 months AND we will get free cable for 6 months because of the promo that's on right now. We will likely cancel cable after the 6 months are up (don't tell ;-) ). We are not big tv-watchers and usually just find things on the internet to watch, but we do like sports and will enjoy watching hockey while we have the channels.

 Tomorrow morning we are getting the cable hooked up, at lunch I have a midwife appointment & then in the afternoon I am getting a hair cut (I'm so excited to get my hair cut! It's been a LONG time since I've had a hair cut. I usually get mine done about twice a year.) We have a New Year's celebration happening in the evening. My family Christmas is this weekend since my brother and his wife are coming this week. I also need to book Nathanael to get his hair cut as it's getting long & shaggy. It will be a busy week.

Monday: Moroccan Lentil Soup for Lunch
           : Winger's Sticky Fingers copycat recipe, Fries, Salad for Supper (The sauce for the chicken fingers was SO good!)

Tuesday: Waldorf Salad & Tuna Sandwiches for Lunch
            : Leftover Morrocan Soup for Supper

Wednesday: Mac N' Cheese for Lunch, Carrot Sticks
                 Sweet & Sour Pork over Rice, Salad, Peas/Carrots

Thursday:  Leftovers for Lunch
                 Crockpot Curry Chicken & Rice, Steamed Broccoli

Friday: Leftovers for Lunch
           Family Supper

Saturday: Homemade Pizza & Salad

Sunday: Family Gathering

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Anonymous said...

I hope you post pictures of your haircut! I try to cut my hair myself, since it's naturally curly and forgiving. When I did go to the salon, it was twice a year, too.
:) Victoria

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