Thursday, February 6, 2014

Menu Plan & Organizing

It's quite late for this last week's menu, but here it is anyway. We are keeping meals very simple these days as I don' t want to buy much at the grocery store other than dairy and fresh produce. Our freezer is quite well stocked with meals for baby's arrival. We are gearing up for the baby around here, and as of yesterday, I think I finally feel *ready* :-). Thus, the spicy chicken curry on the menu! I had my midwife appointment yesterday, and things seem to be progressing a bit. The baby's engaged and has moved more anterior (I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to get this baby out of the posterior position.) Posterior labours are far, far worse in my opinion. Both of my babies were posterior, but Nathanael turned fairly early in labour and it was WAY "better" than Elianna's labour, which was horrendous with hardly any progress from the first contraction and ended up in a C-section. The baby still has lots of room to move, though, so I suspect he/she will not stay in ideal position but hopefully will settle in once labour begins. It's looking to be a big baby - I'm guessing between 9 and 10 pounds again. If a doctor was setting my due date, it would be set for February 8th, but the midwives have set it for February 14th (as they take other things into account and use a different calculating method when setting a due date.) I suspect it will be at least another week until this baby arrives, but we shall see. My prediction is February 16th :-). We have made a LOT of progress with regard to organizing things around here, selling items, and getting items ready to sell.  Baby, I think we are finally ready for your arrival!

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Sausage & Perogies, Peas/Carrots, Salad

Wednesday: Crockpot Coconut Chicken Curry, Rice, Broccoli, Salad

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: BLT's or something simple like Breakfast for Supper

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Sharon Klaassen said...

Can't wait to hear when Baby is born!!! Between you, Jessica & Jared and my nephew Craig & Karin (they're having twins!) we'll be able to meet four new babies whenever our next trip west will be!!! Praying things go well for you!!!

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