Monday, February 17, 2014

Prodromal Labour - Ain't Nothing "False" About It

Where to begin?

I feel like I am losing my mind. Just do a little google search on "prodromal labour" to get a feel for what I'm going through right now.

I have been having contractions strong enough to keep me up at night since Saturday, February 8 (9 days ago). I have been having painful contractions since early Friday at 4:30 in the morning, when I experienced very real, very painful contractions that lasted for 1 minute and came every 5 minutes or less for a good 5 hours straight. This "game" has been going on for nearly 5 days now, and I am so tired of it. Yes, I am tired.  Irregular, fairly painful contractions that have no rhyme or reason until they decide to try to mess with you big-time and become regular for several hours getting my hopes up again, only to fizzle out and quit for a few hours until the whole cycle begins again in a few hours.

This is my 3rd baby. I know the difference between braxton-hicks and "real" contractions. I have experienced both. Braxton-Hicks are uncomfortable and sometimes very uncomfortable, but they are not painful and they do not feel the same at all as real contractions, in my opinion. They don't cause the insane pressure/pain that radiates through your lower front pelvic area, back, and upper legs. They don't cause you to shake and tremble and require major concentration to get through. These ones I've been having since early Friday morning are real, painful, contractions - there is no question about it. The ones that have me shaking at times. (My poor sister witnessed this and is probably now scared to death to have kids!). I dare not go out in public for fear that I'll begin an episode of contractions and, believe me, there is no hiding what is going on! Elianna's bedtime prayer, "God, please help Mommy's contractions to stop, and please, please, please help the baby to come soon." LOL. If only it would work that way!!

It is exhausting, painful, and frustrating, and I've nearly had it. I'm trying all sorts of positions to get this baby into the right position as I suspect it is not optimal yet. I'm so ready to be done I have been tempted many times to drive myself to the hospital and demand a C-section. Please don't even talk to me right now about going through active labour with no pain meds... it feels like an impossibility at this point and something I am so not interested in right now.

I'm seeing the midwife on Wednesday. We will be discussing a plan then as I'm a VBAC candidate and induction is complicated. Personally, I want this baby out one way or another by Friday. I have a feeling they may try to convince me to wait at least until Monday. We will see. I know I sound pessimistic right now, and truthfully, I am. I am feeling very discouraged. I already know this baby is HUGE and growing bigger every day. Thankfully, I had a great day on Sunday as the contractions stopped long enough for me to get a decent rest. I was verging on exhaustion at that point, and the rest was much needed.

I never understood before how some women can think they are in labour and then not really be in active labour. Now I get it. I really do.

Come soon, baby.

In the meantime, Lord please give me patience, rest, strength, and endurance.


Emma Pearce said...

I think you are entitled to feel down. It is soooo painful so days and days of it must just be a nightmare and so tiring like you said. I had days of prostin pains and they were bad enough. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that this little one comes sooner than later. Big hugs ladyxxx

Kara Braun said...

Praying for you! I can't imagine how difficult this is, especially with little children at home already.

Sharon Klaassen said...

How was your night last night? Woke up several times during the night and prayed for you! Trusting you will get some sort of answer today!!!

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