Friday, July 10, 2015

Sweet Summer Days

Summer days may be long, but the season is oh-so-short. We are enjoying taking full advantage of the summer weather these days. Unfortunately, the conditions are extremely dry with major risk of fire. Fire bans are in place nearly everywhere. I think we have only about 5 mm or so of rain since winter left us. It is extraordinarily dry. Thankfully, our parents (who farm) have received a little bit more rain than that on at least some of their fields (but not all). Overall, crops are quite poor in this area. Forest fires are raging up north, and it is a much more serious of a situation this year than usual. 

 Brielle is certainly not a baby anymore. She has turned into a self-determined, strong-willed, and goofy toddler. She keeps us laughing with her, "Where's da puppy go?" sayings Her sleeping has improved a little bit, but she is not sleeping through the night yet, other than a couple of times within the last month or so. Regardless, any improvement at all is a very good thing.

We recently took a kid-free staycation, which was wonderful, I have to admit.  I was burned out, and it was desperately needed.  We played tennis, went for a bike ride went out to eat, took a day trip to shop at Value Village on 50% off day and tried a new restaurant, tidied up, napped, of all...I slept through the night.

I have been making slight improvements in my overall well-being (how that for cheesy psycho-babble).We are trying to make a few changes around here. Mostly, I am trying to be kinder to myself, let go of perfectionism, and also get some time alone once in awhile. This past week, for example, it was 30 minutes outside in the evening most days. Alone. I went for a run a couple times, weeded the garden, and sat on the deck reading a book. Part of me feels guilty about this, but I have come to realize I need to quit worrying about what others think, count my blessings, and just do what works best for our family, and do what I need to do to take care of myself.  The truth is, I can finally feel parts of "me" starting to come back. It may be slow progress, but it is progress.

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Victoria, Oregon said...

Thank you for your blog and keeping us updated. I've been following you for three years now, I think... Around the time you were looking for a diagnosis for your oldest.

I'm so glad you are letting go of perfection. Sometimes it seems God puts us in a place that forces us to let go of it.

Yay for a staycation and sleeping through the night! So glad to hear you are allowing yourself to get time for you. It's healthy for your whole family for Mama to get rest and alone time.

Blessings to you and your family. :)

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