Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pillowcase Dresses and Button Down Dress Shirt Dress

Pillowcase dress - Minnie Mouse

Pretty sure I`m not skilled enough to make these, but I might just have to try. I came across "the pillowcase dress", which looks fairly simple to make. For it, you use either a pillowcase or some leftover material to create a cute little dress. You can find a tutorial (the one I plan on using) here. I also like the tutorial for it that I found here. The other idea I came across is using an old button-down dress shirt to make a little girl`s dress. This one looks a little more challenging for a novice like me, but I think I might have to try it sometime, too. I find that fabric is pretty expensive these days compared to buying clothes, but these projects transform one item into another. So, if you pick up the items at second hand stores or garage sales for a dollar or two, it`s very inexpensive to do these projects. I hope to get around to trying these projects in the fall. I am finding that summer is really busy with gardening, yard work, and canning. Part of the reason for me blogging this is simply so I have access to these tutorials whenever I do get around to trying them. I often come across an idea over the internet that I really like, and I think I`ll remember where I saw it, but I never do. Plus, I`m not a fan of bookmarking pages. By linking the ideas to my blog, I will actually be able to find the websites when I do get around to the projects.
*I should clarify, I am not the skilled seamstress who make the pillowcase dress in the picture, but I sure would like to try making one sometime!*


Anonymous said...

Jen, that turned out so adorable :)

Jenna said...

Oops! I should have clarified - I didn't actually make that one. It's just a picture of one I found on the internet. I would LIKE to make one someday :-)

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