Monday, April 21, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Eggs with salsa & cheese

Leftover Turkey Vegetable Soup
Pita Pizzas
Snack-y lunch (crackers, cheese, pickles, sliced apples)
Macaroni & Cheese
PBJ Sandwiches
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
Pancakes & Fruit

Monday: Turkey Vegetable Soup  with buns

Tuesday: BBQ Steaks & Potatoes (if it's warm enough...hopefully!), Salad

Wednesday: Sweet & Sour Meatballs, Rice, Veggies

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Homemade Pizza Night & Salad

Saturday: Tuna Macaroni Casserole & Veggies

Sunday:  Leftovers

Couch to 5K Update: Last week I finished 2 out of the 3 workouts for Week 3 of the program. My knee has been giving me issues again since starting to exercise, which is why I didn't get all my workouts in last week. About 12 years ago, my knee got injured while playing basketball. (I believe it was a torn MCL). It has given me trouble here and there ever since, but I have really noticed it to be worse since starting to run again. It makes me so sad & frustrated as I have otherwise been enjoying running and working out. I will likely need to go to the doctor again about my knee as I fear if I don't get it figured out, it will give me issues for the rest of my life. I might try doing Week 4 this week as long as my knee isn't hurting too badly. If it does, I will probably need to hold off on running until I see the doctor again about it. I am struggling so much with getting the weight off this time. I know it will take time, but it is going sooo slowly this time around, which is frustrating me. Is this because I'm getting old??? :-D.  I know I'm going to have to really watch what I eat more carefully. I am going to be doing a 21 day challenge of no chips, pop, chocolate, or cookies. I won't say that I will for sure never cheat as I won't likely turn down desserts for special events/birthdays or company's houses, but I'm really going to try hard to cut out more of the junk food, bad snacks, and cut way back on carbs from bread. I'll plug in here once in awhile to update my progress (hopefully not my lack of progress!) with the challenge.

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A Restful Place said...

Your menu plan looks yummy! You should try going to a chiropractor for your knee. It's amazing what they can do. I've been going for a tail bone injury and I'm amazed at how I feel so much better. Just an idea. I hope it feels better soon and you will be able to continue running, it sounds like you love it!

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