Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pictures & Update

Life is busy right now :-). There is not much time for blogging, which is perfectly fine with me.I will never get these days back and would much rather spend my limited time with my precious ones than online blogging. Of course, I will still blog here and there as time allows. Thanks for understanding :-). 

This week I began the Couch to 5K program. It was wonderful and horrible in the most exhilarating,  torturous kind of way! Isn't that just how it is with exercise? At least that's how it is with me, especially when starting out again after basically sitting on the couch for the past 9 months. It's a bit frustrating being so horribly out of shape, which is all the more reason why I need to get exercising again. Unfortunately the baby weight (plus more) is no longer moving. I have gone a few weeks without losing a single pound, and I have at least 30, ideally 40, to go. My plan is to use a common sense approach, which seemed to work the last two times. This time, it seems to be a bit more difficult for me, though, as I feel like I should have lost a bit more already without "trying." The hard thing is knowing how to fit in exercise with 3 young kids. It was so easy with just Elianna. I remember I would put her in the baby swing and then could have at least an hour to exercise with no problem. I am not a morning person, and Brielle is still up several times a night, so trying to get up before the kids are awake does not work the best for me right now. In the evening was my go-to time to exercise after Nathanael was born, but these days I'm finding that I'm completely toast by the time the kids are in bed. I may have to lose my afternoon quiet/rest time and try to fit it in then. Nathanael still naps after lunch, so I may be able to put a video on for Elianna, Brielle in the swing, and try to fit in at least 30 minutes then.

As for our job situation, it looks like my husband will be starting his new job on Monday. We do not have to move for this job, which is a blessing. After several months of trying to figure things out, applying to different opportunities, and having many doors open and then close, it looks like we will be sticking around at least for the next year. It is only a year-long term, but it has the potential to become permanent. It's not in his field of training, but it is still a good job. The hours are phenomenal.

Love these little munchkins!


Kara Braun said...

Oh those pictures are precious! What a beautiful family :)

Emma Pearce said...

How gorgeous are your babies??? I wouldn't be blogging either. We will all still be here when you are here, and like you say you don't get that time back. What a beautiful name, Brielle, she is a doll.
So pleased to hear that you can rest easy for a while and not have to uproot your lovely family x

Linda said...

Such a precious family.
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

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