Friday, August 19, 2011

Links I'm Lovin'

Here are some things I'm really loving right now, and thanks to Pinterest I can quickly bookmark and categorize neat things I find on the internet. This is saving me loads of time as before I'd copy the link and put in in my blog somewhere or on a word document where it would take me forever to find it again. I'm planning on putting a link to my Pinterest boards soon; I just haven't had the time yet.

Oh yeah, none of these are affiliate links or anything like that just so ya know. They are just things I'm digging lately and wanted to share.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Bars

-Oh yum! Definitely want to try these SOON. And I wonder why I've already gained 20 pounds this pregnancy...:-S

Charlotte Mason Scripture Memorization System (with FREE printable index cards!)
-I've been wanting to work more on Bible memorization. I recently started teaching Ellie Ephesians 6:1 using words and actions and she pretty much has it memorized already. I think this system will be perfect for our family as it's easy and systematic!

Scripture Lullabies - Hidden in My Heart
-I'm looking for more good music to fill our home. I stumbled across this one day, heard their samples, and already ordered myself a copy. Ellie is big into music and still listens to it while going to sleep. This cd is very relaxing and soothing and I love that all the songs are scripture based.

Free Homeschool Printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler
-She's got tons of great free printables!

Free Printables for Encouraging Children to listen in church
-I printed off a few of the sheets for younger children (the link at the bottom of article), but Ellie is a little too little to understand the concept yet. I really like this idea and we are STRUGGLING to teach her to be quiet and sit still in church. I am trying to do "practice church" at home a few times a week, but real church is another story. However, as she gets older, I'd like to try these.

Modest Undershirts
-Love the idea of these and hope to order some soon to try. Most of my tanks to go under my lower shirts are still pretty loose, but these are supposed to be fitted to fix the problem of gaping when bending over.

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