Monday, August 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Oops. I forgot to plan my menu on Friday (which is my usual menu planning day...or Saturday...or Sunday), so I spent today working on my menu. No, it didn't take me all day to come up with the menu if you were wondering. Well, not really. Although, I discovered Pinterest today, which has seriously changed my world-wide-webbing for the better, so uhhh...I did spend a decent amount of time snooping around new recipes and pinning them to my board, which greatly increased the amount of time used to plan this week's menu. P.S. If you want to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon but don't feel comfortable using your Facebook to sign up with, you can sign up using Twitter, which is what I did. But just for the record, I don't Twitter...or tweet, or whatever it's called. I just have an account that I never use for the explicit purpose of signing up for Pinterest. Umm..yeah, nevermind. I have gone off on my tangent for long enough. Here's the plan for this week:

Picked up subs for lunch
Visiting family for supper

Frozen Pizza for lunch
Lazy Cabbage Rolls (recipe to come), Tossed Salad, Steamed Veggies

Leftover Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Easy Curry Chicken, Rice, Salad

BLT's, Potato Wedges

Homemade Pizza, Caesar Salad


*For more great meal ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday hosted by*

1 comment:

Katie said...

I spend waaay too much time on Pinterest. In my defense, it is a great resource for new recipes. It's nice to have variety.

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