Thursday, August 4, 2011

Revamped Menu Plan

So I am totally ditching this week's menu plan. The only thing I've actually made so far is the lazy cabbage rolls. I will be posting the recipe for them soon. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and decided to pick up one of those rotisserie chickens to turn into some new meals instead. So, yesterday we had easy chicken tostadas and today we had creamy spaghetti casserole with homemade focaccia bread & Caesar salad, and tomorrow we aren't having pizza; we are having leftovers. There you have it. Sometimes I follow a menu plan and other times this pregnant body is just craving something else. Thankfully, I could whip all that up with stuff I already had in hand and didn't have to buy any extras other than the rotisserie chicken, which looks like it will be giving us at least 6 chicken meals. I already threw the leftover chicken in the freezer for another day. I hope to get a bunch of recipes posted up soon.

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