Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Dressed Challenge

I'll confess. There are days where I don't exactly "get dressed." Of course I'm wearing "clothes", but if the doorbell rings...well...I might not be answering because I'm too embarrassed about what I'm wearing. I might be in my pj's or a pair of comfy pants and t-shirt. My hair might not be combed and I probably do not have any makeup on. Not good.

This is one of the great pitfalls of being a stay-at-home-mom - the misconception that what you look like doesn't matter when you stay at home all day and see no one but your kids and husband. This is an easy rut to fall into. I've been there many times. My "worst" was probably a year or two after I got married; we had no kids, but I worked a housekeeping job that required me to wear a uniform. I would come home, change into sweats, and throw on a baggy t-shirt...even (gasp!) my husband's t-shirt once in awhile. Terrible, I know. Thankfully, I got rid of most of my baggy, ugly t-shirts a few years ago when I said enough was enough.
Now with a busy toddler who doesn't sleep well and a baby on the way, it's still a challenge most days to make an effort to look presentable although I think I am improving from where I was a couple years ago. But my daughter and husband deserve better, don't they? I know from past experience I also feel better and get more accomplished when I take just a few minutes to pull myself together for the day.

What does this challenge mean to me? It doesn't mean getting "fancied up" every day, per say. For me, it doesn't mean wearing a skirt or dress every day (although I might wear them more than usual.) For me it means making an effort and actually giving thought and time to my clothes, makeup, and hair choices whenever possible whereas previously I would have given little or no thought to my appearance. It means a change in attitude by remembering my husband is worth the effort and remembering my daughter is watching me even if no one else is.

Oh yes, and I'll try to take some pictures along the way.


Anonymous said...

This is so crazy! I have just on Monday decided 2 months was time to start a routine. This means getting dressed with jeans, shirt, real bra and shoes. Sometimes i skip the jeans until closer to dinner time but still the rest. I am cleaning up the rest of me too, right as soon as i wake up- makeup, teeth, hair, etc... and a bit of jewelery too- i bought it so i think i should wear it!!
Having this done and out of the way makes the start of the day much more enjoyable! I think Joel enjoys it more too!
I am starting with this for a week then starting again next week with my cleaning routine (which i love)and cooking meal plan. I find following all these routines actually give me more time with the boys and more time to do the things i want.
So glad you posted this!!

darci said...

Hi Jenna
I was so glad you commented! Thanks! Now I can read your blog too...I have already been enjoying it:)
This is so me.... I am trying, but honestly I think I clean better in my pj's!!
By the way you look beautiful in your femfri are one of those lovely pregnant women I always wished to be.

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