Thursday, April 4, 2013

30 Day Trim Healthy Mama Experiment

With a bit of trepidation, I am going to embark on a 30 day food experiment, loosely following the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) plan. I am also planning to complete the 30 Day Shred exercise dvd. All this is an attempt to stabilize my blood sugar, increase my energy levels, and hopefully feel a whole lot better overall. Oh yes...and hopefully get a good start to shedding the lingering 10-15 pounds of baby weight, which are ridiculously stubborn and did not respond at all to my 9 week bootcamp attempt...sigh.
I have not read the Trim Healthy Mama book yet, so I won't be following their plan exactly (and likely wouldn't anyway.) I'm just guessing as to what things are considered E & S meals based on my very limited knowledge. The "E" meals are supposed to be energizing...meaning more carb-based. The "S" meals are satisfying....meaning more fat-based. "FP" are fuel-pull meals with are low carb & low-fat, so they are supposed to be for times you are less hungry or need a weight-loss boost. My understanding of the plan is to not mix large amounts of fats & carbs in the same meal. Very little sugar is allowed...most things are sweetened with stevia, which I just purchased last week. Coconut oil is also used a lot as a healthy fat, so I bought myself a jar of that, too. Glucomannan is supposed to be used for thickening things like gravy and desserts, but I'm not going to be using that. I am cheating a bit with some of my meals, but realistically, I could never follow THM exactly for my whole life. Never have a baked potato (carbs) with sour cream & bacon bits (fats) again?? Forget it! It's still gonna happen, people! :-D

I hope I can stick it out because I know I'm really going to miss my pop & chips...and french fries. I love french fries. Like, really really love french fries. Oh, and I'm a carb-a-holic. This plan is pretty low-carb. I hope I'm not setting myself up for failure. 

30 days. I can do this. I think. I start tomorrow. Will blog my progress (or lack, thereof). If I commit to 30 days on the plan and see significant change in my overall health, perhaps I will look at THM as more of a way of life and a different way of thinking about food rather than just a "diet".
Wish me luck :-)

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Kara Braun said...

Best of luck! I've used the 30 Day Shred workout DVD a few times - still do actually. I like it.
I also definitely agree with making an changes still suit your lifestyle and likes - don't give up the potatoes haha!!
I'd love to hear how it goes, and if you find any awesome recipes, please share! I've used stevia to sweeten some things as well, and it really isn't bad at all. I've taken to using honey whenever I can - I tell myself it's not "real sugar" then :p.
I'd be interested in hearing how you use the coconut oil and how you like it, as I've heard lots about it too.
Good luck!

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