Monday, April 15, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - THM Style

Here's my THM-friendly menu plan for this week. Some of the recipes might need to be changed slightly to keep it on plan but most will work:

Sunday: Moroccan lentil soup & artisan bread (E) for lunch
           : Visiting parents for supper. I went off plan a little bit here...had ham & veggies with sour cream for an S meal  (I skipped the crescent rolls & mashed potatoes). Had 2-3 tablespoons of real fruit ice cream for dessert (this is where I cheated a bit) and a handful of popcorn seasoned with coconut oil & nutritional yeast. Also had some of my skinny chocolate and a zevia drink.

Monday: Three Bean Chicken Chili (E) (limited toppings for me to keep it in the E catergory...)

Tuesday: Chicken tikka masala, basmati rice (cauliflower "rice" for me), veggies (S)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Spaghetti & meat sauce (spaghetti squash for me instead of noodles), Caesar Salad (no croutons)  (S)

Friday: Parmesan tilapia, steamed veggies with butter, salad (S) & mashed potatoes for rest of family

Saturday: Leftovers

Alternative Meals: Taco Salad (S- no taco chips for me)

Breakfasts: The usual for the kiddos & hubby (toast, yogurt, fruit). Ideas for me...steel cut oats with maple syrup (E), Greek yogurt & strawberries (FP), spinach & feta omelet (S) in my Tupperware breakfast maker.

Lunches: For the kids: Homemade mac n' cheese (with tomatoes), grilled cheese sandwiches with veggies & dip, snack tray lunch (crackers, cheese, pickles, meat, fruit & veggies), THM pancakes or crepes with toppings. For me...various salads (E or S, depending on dressing & toppings), leftovers, quinoa & leftover chicken & balsamic roasted veggies (E), THM friendly pancakes or crepes.

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Kim said...

Lovely menu for the week! I'm just getting started(week 2) and we are headed out of town on Wednesday. Hoping for the best at the convention we are going to and packing lots of good snacks.

Monday Br-Oatmeal, protein powder, 1/4 c apple--E
L-Leftover swiss steak, creamless veggies, fried zucchini--S
Snack--Muffin in Mug--S
D--Crockpot Lasagna, cauli/Broccoli w/ cheese, Salad, Ital bread in Mug--S

Tuesday Br--Omlet w/ peppers & cheese--S
Snack--Cheesecake Berry Crunch--S
L--Panera--Power Med. Chicken Salad on hidden menu--S
Snack--kroger greek yogurt--FP
D--Pork chop & sweet potato--CS or E not sure

Gonna follow your blog so I can see future menus!

Rachel @ day2day joys said...

Great menu! I'm loving THM! Do you use regular maple syrup?

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