Friday, April 19, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama - Week 2 Report

I'm up 1 lb this week, which brings me to 2.8 lbs lost since starting the plan. I cheated a couple of times this week (twice I had a few tortilla chips, which are a no-no and definitely my biggest weakness. No way will I ever be giving them up totally, anyway!). The cheating a few times might be to blame, but I'm also realizing that, realistically, I may be closer to my ideal weight than I originally thought. I may have to let go of the idea that I can get back to where I was after I had Elianna.

One week ago I felt like there was no way I could ever stick with this lifestyle....and that is still true, if it means following a strict THM plan. However, after Week 2 I am feeling like this actually might be a lifestyle shift for me. Not a complete change, but a improvement. Even if it's just a shift toward eating more complex carbs, more protein and less simple sugar in order to treat my blood sugar better. I am learning so much and trying out many new recipes, which I'm truly enjoying. It was FUN to make over my hubby's favourite Chicken Tikka Masala and make it THM-friendly (used fat-free Greek yogurt, left out the oil, cornstarch & heavy cream). He still LOVED it and didn't even really notice the difference :-D. I had mine over cauliflower "rice" and it was delicious. I honestly didn't even miss the basmati rice as much as I thought I would. The rest of the family still had rice.

My kids & hubby are not following this plan. They don't need to, and the plan isn't meant for growing kids who need their calories. If you know my bean-pole kids...they definitely need their calories ;-), especially Miss Muffet who barely eats enough to begin with. Low-fat foods are not allowed for them! It's been surprisingly easy for me to eat this way even though the rest of my family isn't.

 I only managed to do the 30 Day Shred 3 times last week; I really want to find a way to fit more exercise into my day. I have an athlete stuck somewhere inside of me, but I am still trying to figure out how to bring her back :-). I know that when I did get down to my ideal weight after I had Elianna, I was definitely exercising more than I am now and in great shape fitness-wise. That may or may not be realistic in this different stage of life I'm in now...

I'm feeling good about going into Week 3. The plan is to stick mostly on-plan, though veering slightly off-plan once in awhile is still okay with me :-).

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