Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 3 At Home

Just thought I'd write a quick update as to how things are going with our recent situation. Today was our 3rd Day at home from the hospital. Little Bittles seems to be doing well. No sign of infection as of yet. PRAISE THE LORD! Not being on antibiotics right now (due to her allergy) and being so neutropenic makes it that much more nerve-wracking.

I have not been feeling well for the past few days, either. This morning I was feeling worse and starting to cough a bit, so I decided I better see a doctor (to make sure it's not bacterial). Normally I wouldn't have gone to the doctor yet, but with our daughter's situation, I thought I'd get checked out just in case. Turns out I'm fine (thankfully!). I probably just have some sort of virus (or it's just due to being stessed out and tired). Just to be on the safe side, I'm being a more cautious and wearing a mask when I'm in close contact with Bittles. Strangely enough, this evening my cough has seemed to have disappeared!

We just need to get to Wednesday and then she'll have blood work done again to check her neutrophils and she will see the pediatrician again. We are really praying her neutrophil count will come up to normal. Please pray her neutrophil count will come up. Her cousin's 1st birthday is coming up and we would love to be able to be there!!

Today, I'm feeling optimistic that everything is going to be okay. God is sovereign. He holds her in His hand. There have been some very neat answers to prayer we have seen over the past few days. I want to write about them soon. For now, it's time for me to get to bed.

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