Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Prayer Requested For Our Little Girl

Our little girl is very sick right now. She's had a fever for about a week now and a high fever (103 - 104.5) for 3 days. Last night we headed to emergency because she started shaking, was lethargic, had shallow breathing, and was turning blue. I had run upstairs to check on her because I could hear through the baby monitor that something was not right. I cannot explain to you the fear I felt when I found her like that. The doctor thinks she was probably just shivering from being feverish, which is possible, but I am not 100% convinced. After about 20 minutes (and by the time we saw the doctor), she was almost back to "normal". She's been extremely irritable at times and even refuses to be held or comforted; she is often writhing in pain. She's been on antibiotics for the past few days, but they do not seem to be helping. This afternoon she has broken out in a rash that is spreading all over her body. Today we are heading to a pediatrician to get her checked out again. I was up all night last night checking on her and am worried and worn out. Friends, family, and strangers a-like, your prayers are much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

My youngest had life threatening bouts with asthma for years that landed us in ER in the middle of the night countless times. I also remember all the nights my husband and I took shifts watching him to make sure he was breathing all night long. I know how scary it is. My heart goes out to you sister and prayers are with you.

Please keep us updated

tberry29 said...

oh my prayers are with you. Its a very scary thing when your little one is running a fever and you dont know the cause...Our youngest went thru this just this past spring. Doc missed diagnosed him..sent him home with an antibiotic and he continued to run fever the next 2 days..which by that point was a week with fever. Took him to E.R...and found out he had pneuomonia...Please keep us posted as to the health of your lil one....You are in my prayers.


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