Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update on Our Little Girl

*Just a quick update on our sick little girl.*

We took her to the pediatrician this evening. He thoroughly checked her out, and he said that he truthfully is not sure at this point what is wrong with her. There are a few different possibilities, some being very serious. He is an excellent doctor and has figured out very difficult cases in the past. He has ordered blood tests, urine tests, and xrays for first thing tomorrow morning. He has warned us that he suspects it could potentially be a pretty serious illness. He will be getting back to us tomorrow as soon as the results are in. The complication is that the one serious illness he mentioned it could possibly be has no conclusive lab work or testing to confirm it. A big part of the diagnosis is eliminating all other possibilities.
I have to be honest. I know that the Lord is completely in control and knows exactly what the problem is. However, I am feeling extremely worried and am beyond exhausted. Please keep praying.

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