Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God Answers Prayer

These past couple of weeks have been emotionally tiring for our whole family. During the times of panic, fear, and worry, we have prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more. God is a God of comfort in times of distress. He has answered our prayers and shown us Himself through His written word, which has provided us so much comfort during the times we were very worried about our little girl.

Here's a very neat thing: The significance of our daughter's name has do with God answering prayer.

Here are just a few ways God has comforted us when we were feeling very worried during these past couple weeks of distress:

  • One night I was at the hospital with Little Bittles, and my husband was at home. He was praying very much and God directed him to read Psalm 34, which answered all of his concerns. It fit exactly what my husband had been praying.
  • During one day at the hospital, God brought to my mind how in the Old Testament, He directly intervened in many of the battles so that Israel would win against all odds. Through this, God reminded me that He cares for his people and that He is sovereign and can fight the infection on Bittle's behalf even when she can't fight it on her own.
  • On Friday night after the major scare and complication with the drug allergy to the antibiotics, I was feeling extremely panicked. I was praying and then I looked out the window and saw a shadow of a cross on the sidewalk, which was distinctly formed.
  • Once we got home, I was feeling very worried still, and I was praying in my bed. I had the baby monitor on and Little Bittle's lullabies were playing through the monitor. God directed me to read Psalm 33. In that Psalm, I read the verse that says that "He fashioned their hearts." Just as I read that part, the lullaby through the monitor was playing a song that had that exact verse in it. I had never even known that that line was even from the Bible until now. The Psalm reminded me again of God's sovereignty and I was reminded that God cares for us.
When I look back on how God has answered our prayers for comfort when we've cried out to Him, I am SO thankful. I am thankful we serve a God who cares for us. I am thankful we serve a God who cares so much that He has given us His Words to comfort us. I am thankful for our God who is sovereign. I am thankful for our God who answers prayer.

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Anonymous said...

so glad she is doing better and God has given you such comfort!

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