Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bedroom Makeover Progress - Curtains

First, I attempted to sew some curtains from some cheap sheets I bought (2 full sets for $19). I really liked hanging them high above the window. I did a terrible sewing job, and although I loved the gray (and the price tag!), the curtains ended up being too sheer for us. We need something that blocks out the light better in the summer.

So...off to the store I went to find some gray curtains. Unfortunately, I could not find gray ones quite long enough, so I settled for a pair that were a tad too short. These are a deeper gray and made out of shiny material. It was nearly impossible to iron out the wrinkles in them, which is kind of driving me crazy, but I am over it. I hate ironing too much to care anymore! I used one of the fitted sheets from my cheapo set as a makeshift box spring cover. So far I'm pretty happy with my choice of curtains. I also purchased 3 gray, white, and black pictures that I plan on hanging right over our bed. The wedding picture will move to another part of the room. I have been working on painting our nightstands this past week and put my first coat of Decorator's White on this morning. I hope to get the second coat on tonight and then I have to decide what to do about hardware. I am either going to buy new hardware for them, or preferably (to save money) paint the wooden ones white or black.

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