Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Update & Blog Break

This week has been a crazy one. Lots of appointments and quite a bit of traveling around. The bedroom makeover is slowly getting finished. I just bought a chandelier for our bedroom (my birthday present) to replace a ceiling fan and need to paint the dress. After that, it's finished, I think.Needless to say, after this crazy week, I'm pretty wiped out. I saw the allergy specialist this past week, and I was told that I'm allergic to everything they test for. The thing is, so are most people they test, apparently. The testing they use is ultra-sensitive, which they look at as a pro, but I tend to look at as a con. It may pick up hidden "allergies" that are causing no symptoms.

I was told I should take allergy shots and then cut out all dairy and a few other things like junk food, chocolate, coffee, tea. I am a bit skeptical, to say the least. However, I figure, what will it hurt? If somehow my issues (dizziness, pain, swollen lymph nodes) are related to this, then it's worth a short, I suppose. It's not like there's a big risk involved. Besides, nobody else has any answers yet. The shots are no problem - just a minor inconvenience. The cutting out dairy part...well that's the part I'm dreading. I love cheese. I love sour cream. I love yogurt. I love butter. I love whipped cream. I hate milk, but I love cream in my coffee. Wait a minute...I'm not supposed to drink coffee anymore. That solves that one. So I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to go about this. I think I'll try his recommendations for 2 weeks, and then after that, I'll probably try eating dairy in moderation. I just can't give up pizza. At least not yet. I'm scheduling pizza night 2 weeks from tonight :-). And pizza without cheese...well that just wouldn't be pizza. So, with my grocery challenge to eat what we have on hand and this new diet thing, there's much planning to be done. Really, changing your diet isn't that big of a deal. It's just an inconvenience. People have to do it all the time, so I guess I should just get on with it.

On the home front, well, I am struggling a little bit. Our 1 1/2 year old is testing us...Oh yes, she is testing us. She can be the sweetest little girl in the world, but she needs to learn she is not the boss. Everything seems like a struggle these days. Nap time, meal time, bed time, and everything in between. I need wisdom. Much wisdom. Wisdom from above. There are moments where all I do is pray because I just don't know what to do sometimes. I've read tons of parenting books, and it all sounds so easy when you read about it. Living it out, especially 100% consistency, is another story. Especially when you don't feel the greatest, are too busy, and are worn out...which brings me to my next point. I'm taking a blogging break. As much as I like my little bloggy time, it just isn't a priority. By the way, neither is getting my bedroom finished, so that might be awhile yet. My spirit needs to be refreshed and renewed by the Living Water. That's not going to happen on blogging time. So...I'm off. Unplugging. Not sure how long I'll be gone or when I'll be back. But I will be back. I think. :-)

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