Friday, May 2, 2014

Fitness (or lack there-of) Friday

This past week was not the greatest. I did not lose fact, I gained a pound back. I'm not overly surprised since I didn't watch what I was eating quite as closely, "cheated" more than once, and didn't exercise quite as much. It still stinks, though, as it reminds me just how crazy hard I;m having to work to make any progress this time around! Despite not having as great a week, I still didn't think I was doing so poorly that I would GAIN!
I am sure I didn't have to work this hard last time....maybe I'm getting old(er) ??

In other news, I'm planning on watching the Raptors game tonight. Though I played basketball in high school, I have never really been into watching NBA basketball on tv. Around here, we prefer watching hockey and football on tv. I was SO excited a couple years ago when the Lakers just so happened to be playing the Nuggets in the playoffs when we were on our family holiday in Colorado. We were able to get tickets, and it was definitely one of my favourite (and craziest) family holiday memories. And yes, I am just as big a sports fan as my husband (if not more!). He doesn't care quite as much about watching basketball as I do. But I don't care quite as much about soccer as he does.  The Raptors are just way too exciting this season for me to not to hop on the band wagon! I was a big Raptors fan way back in the Vince Carter days...

And on that note....when I think back to how crazy fit I was in high school, how I could play an entire high school basketball game without sitting on the bench, and how...umm...unfit I am now, it's kind of sad. With a lot of hard work, though, I'm sure I can improve from where I am now. I can still remember the amazing feeling of being fit (healthy, full of energy, and strong), and I would love to feel somewhat close to that way again someday.

It's a crazy time in our life and for many, many reasons, I just love this quote (I think it's an African proverb), "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now."

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