Thursday, November 18, 2010

Assist / A Cyst

Well I'll just start off by being honest and tell you that today started off as a pretty crummy (or should that be "crumb-y"?) day. However, in the midst of much crumminess, some of those crumbs turned out to be rather sweet, so stay with me here.

Rewind to last night where I spent a couple of hours being up with our crying daughter, who did not have a very good night at all. After some gripe water and tylenol, she finally cried it out a bit and went to bed. We were worried at first that she might be sick because she was SO crabby, but she seems okay now, just a bit grumpy.

I started out this morning with a doctor's appointment and found out that the ct scan of my stomach and pelvis discovered a 4cm cyst on one of my ovaries (You probably didn't really care to know that, but I figure you might as well). Thing is, it probably isn't related to any of the other symptoms I have other than some pain I've been experiencing in my lower right side the last of couple days. It's probably just one more thing to add to the list of my medical problems. Now I have an ultrasound scheduled in January, so they can figure out what exactly to do with it and if it should be removed. My family doctor agreed that all these things have gone beyond "just" stress-related and that there are other things going on. On top of it all, I have swollen glands and lymph nodes now, which is indicative of either a virus or infection brewing in my body, or, it is possibly part of my mystery diagnosis. The doctor is pretty sure I'm coming down with something, but we kind of have to wait and see what it is yet before I get started on antibiotics. (As the doctor has said, something is messing me up BIG time). Normally this would be no big deal, but with our daughter's health problems and not being sure what she has yet, we have to be extra cautious about her being around sick people (at least until they figure out exactly what she has and if they can treat it). So, she has been shipped off to spend some time with her grandparents while we wait to see if I get better/worse. I'm sure she will have a great time, although I had to warn them that the night might not go so well!

Yep, I miss her like crazy already and want to spend every minute with her since she's not healthy and all, but this is where some of the crumbs turn out to be a bit sweet. As much as I would love to be around her, the truth is that I really need some rest and need to protect her from sickness right now as much as possible. I am SO thankful to have grandparents nearby who can take her for a day or two while I recover and rest at home.

Some more sweetness to this day (those who are "assist"ing us - Lame, I know.)
  • We have people helping us out with meals for the next week. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you all! You are a HUGE blessing!
  • Our neighbour brought us over some yummy chocolate cake
  • I am going to try to plan a date night for when my hubby gets home from work this evening. He works late, but with our daughter being at Grandpa and Grandma's, I figure we should chill out a bit, maybe play a game or something. With all the stress of the past 2 months, it feels like we barely talk to each other about anything but our recent "issues." We really just need a little break from it all. I type this out, I am watching Dr. Oz talk about cancer-proofing your life (figured it was probably worth watching considering all my issues. Ha!) He just mentioned beets. I love beets. I'm going to go get me some beets - some cancer-fighting, cancer-preventing beets. reduces cancer risk, too. Nice! Oh, and open windows are better than closed? Well, I'm outta luck there considering it feels like -20 C with the windchill today. Well, I'm off to read my Bible, and then I think if I feel well enough I might tidy up the house a bit so that I can truly relax and rest (hopefully!) just a little bit this evening.

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Karen Lee said...

Still keeping up to date, Jenna, and thinking and praying for you.

I know there isn't much I can do from waaaaay out here, but please feel free to write if there is anything....???

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