Monday, November 1, 2010

Appointment with Pediatric Hematologist

After a whirlwind trip, we are back home tonight after seeing the pediatric hematologist. I'm not exactly sure what to write for this update because we don't really have any more answers than we did before. Basically, we met with the pediatric hematologist today who examined her, took a medical history, looked over her lab results from the past month or so, and then discussed with us having the bone marrow test done. After reviewing her lab work and examining her, it was determined that a bone marrow test isn't urgent (as in, needing to be done this week), but the hematologist feels it still needs to be done fairly soon, and we agree. So, it looks like she will have the bone marrow test done in the next couple weeks. The pediatric hematologist also ordered some more blood work, which she got done today, and we should have the results from those tomorrow.

Clinically, Little Bittles is stable. She has had a few very painful mouth sores again, although this morning they looked quite a bit better than yesterday. The thing that is freaking us out a little bit is these two weird bruises on her spine that appeared this week. The doctor had a look at them and said he honestly is not exactly sure what they are. They sort of look like bruises but sort of not. I guess we'll just keep an eye on them for now. I had a look at them again tonight and they look different than they did when the doctor looked at them earlier today.

Although waiting for a diagnosis and more tests is difficult, we are very happy to be spending the night at home rather than in the hospital. Cancer such as leukemia or neuroblastoma haven't been completely ruled out, but at this point it looks like it is more likely that she has something benign like chronic neutropenia. Really, the only thing that can tell this for sure is a bone marrow test, so that's why she's going to have one done in the next couple weeks.

How can you pray? First of all, praise God for a safe trip to see the specialist. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. Pray for her complete healing (pray that her blood work will improve so much that there will be no need for a bone marrow test!). Pray for protection from infections. Pray for continued strength for us; seeing doctors, booking tests, and waiting for answers and a diagnosis is physically and emotionally exhausting at times. You can also pray for me as a little scrape on my hand has become infected. I saw the doctor about it and am on a topical antibiotic for now; unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be improving much, but I really don't want to go on an oral antibiotic if I don't have to since I am still nursing our daughter and she is allergic to some of the antibiotics. I don't want to stop nursing her if I don't have to.

Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement during this time.

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