Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trusting God: A Lesson in Faith From My Great Grandma

This will probably be my last post until we hear something from the specialist we are seeing on Monday. We are reformatting our computer, so I won't be posting for a day or two now. I just want to thank you all so much for praying for our little girl. Please keep praying for her healing, if it be God's will. We are praying for a miracle to happen in her body (if it hasn't already, which is very possible) and that there will be no doubt as to the power of God. We know God hears our cries. Psalm 34 has been a very important passage for us during this time, as God gave my husband this Psalm when he was praying a few weeks ago.
I just want to share with you a lesson in faith and trusting God from my Great Grandmother who died before I was born. I never met her, but I have this story about her, which has really stood out in my mind these last few weeks. I'm retelling it (with a few changes to keep some anonymity) from a story my Great Aunt wrote down about her mom (my Great Grandma).

"This memory distinctly stays in my mind because it was my first lesson in trusting God. I was sixteen years old at the time. The year was 1942. Our community had no rain, and the crops were burning up. It was extremely hot and dry, and the church had called a prayer meeting to pray for rain. Being the end of June, the school had a wiener roast planned, which happened to be the same day as the prayer meeting. When Mom and Dad left for the prayer meeting (they typically walked to the church from the farm and they were in close proximity), Mom said to us, "If you see any clouds, get out of the coulees. If you don't leave right away, you won't get home tonight." The school was planning to have their wiener roast in the coulee and the road out of it would be impassable if it rained because of the soil conditions.

In those days, the roads were not graveled as they are today. Mother picked up her rubber boots and took them with her as she and Dad headed out the door. We had such a downpour that night that we barely got back to the yard. Dad had to clean a lot of mud off his shoes the next day from his walk home from church in the mud. She trusted God enough that it would happen, that she took her rubbers along, believing she would need them for the walk home in the rain. She was the only one there who did so. She took action in expectation of an answer. Even if she had been the only one at the prayer meeting, she knew God would answer her prayer."

We are convinced that the fact that our daughter's name means God Answers Prayer is no accident. We know the meaning of her name is significant; we just don't know in what way yet. Please have faith that God can heal our little girl if He is willing. Don't give up. Don't lose hope. And, please don't stop praying. Have faith that God will use this situation to glorify His name. We don't know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future.

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