Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ric Rac Receiving Blanket

On Saturday I decided to try my hand at a little sewing project, and I think I can now say that sewing is my favourite of the "handicrafts". A few months ago, I found this tutorial for sewing a ric rac receiving blanket, so on our holiday to the USA, I picked up some flannel fabric and ric rac for the project. I'm really kicking myself for not picking up more fabric while I had the chance. Fabric here is so expensive and the nearest fabric store is 3 hours away. I am very much a sewing beginner (as in, I barely know anything about sewing), so this project is perfect for people like me who like to sew but aren't very skilled at it yet. The tutorial has awesome step-by-step instructions, and the blanket is a very nice size - not too big or small. Originally I had planned to give this blanket away as a gift, but I'm thinking I may just keep it for a future baby boy we might have someday.

Both my mom and my mom-in-law are talented seamstresses. I really wish I would have taken the time to learn more homemaking skills such as sewing when I lived at home. Thankfully, it's never to late to learn (although it's a lot harder to find the time)! Even though it might not be economical to sew these days, I think it's good for homemakers to know the basics of sewing. Besides that, it's a fun little hobby, and handmade things are always so much more special than store-bought.

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