Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gradual Improvement

We had some more good news today. Little Bittles is still gradually improving. She had blood work done today and her neutrophils are up to 8 % (they were 6% last week) and her platelets are down a bit more this week, too. This is very good news as the results show she is improving and going in the right direction. Unfortunately, we still have to remain in isolation (especially from large groups of people and anyone with symptoms of illness, including colds and flu). This is because although she is improving, 8% is still very low for neutrophils, which leaves her very susceptible to infections (and us all with a bad case of Cabin Fever!!). If she did catch something now, it would really set her back, especially because she is allergic to the best antibiotics.

The doctor said today that she may even be normal in 3-4 weeks. Her night sweats have disappeared and her mouth sores and diaper rash are drastically improved. Her sty infection in her eye is also nearly gone. A few of her virus tests came back, and so far they are all negative (negative for rubella, Epstein-Barr virus, and Parvovirus B19). We are still waiting for the results for cytomegalovirus. Our pediatrician did some research and found some cases that presented identically to Little Bittle's and were virus-induced. It is now not likely that she had Kawasaki Disease, but rather it is more likely this was virus-induced. We may never know what specific virus it was as there are so many out there. She will get weekly blood work done and stay on the aspirin for at least 6 more weeks.

We are SO thankful that there is likely nothing more serious going on and she should make a full recovery (it just may take some time). We just ask that you keep praying that she will continue to improve (even quicker than expected) and that she will stay infection-free. Our sincerest thanks for your prayers.
Glory be to God for His hand of protection and healing.

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