Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad News Today - Hematologist and Bone Marrow Test

Wow...where to start? So, today we got our daughter's blood test one day earlier than usual (since I had to get my blood taken today, we thought she might as well get her's done, too.) Around 1:30 p.m. the phone rang, and I knew it was bad news once I saw the phone number seeing how it only took 2 hours from the time her blood was taken for the doctor to phone. The doctor asked me if I had a few minutes to talk, so I knew something was wrong. Turns out that her blood work came back worse again. This time, however, there's cause for more concern because now her red blood cells have dropped and her other white blood cells have gone down, too. Her neutrophils are worse again this week (4.2%). Her platelets are about the same (still higher than they should be.) The newest concern now is that her red blood cells have dropped. In every other blood test she's had, her red blood cells have been fine along with her other white blood cells (other than the neutrophils.) Basically, this is an indication that there is likely something more serious going on with her. The doctor said that he's given her time to get back to normal from her infection and that she should have improved a lot more by now. So, something is wrong. For some reason, her body is not recovering properly from the infection, or the infection was just a result of a problem that was already there.

The doctor said that there is really no other option but for her to now have a bone marrow test. She is seeing a hematologist on Monday and then there will be a decision made as to when she will have the bone marrow test done. The hematologist and the pediatrician both agreed that she should probably have one done at this point, so I think the hematologist will have the final say on it and discuss this with us on Monday. This scares me because I know a bone marrow test is not a fun thing and I hate the thought of her having to go through so much tests again. It also scares me because I know they don't just order a bone marrow test for any old reason. It also scares me because I know there's a risk of infection with a bone marrow test. I also don't like the fact that she'll probably have to be in the hospital again. It is just so important right now that she does not get an infection; I cannot stress this enough. The fact that she is allergic to the best antibiotics means that if she gets an infection, it could be life-threatening.

I can hardly even believe this is happening. I thought we were all done with this and that she was on the road to recovery. It feels so strange. Some moments I think it's not even happening, and I'm just doing my own thing and then the next second (literally, seconds), I am on the floor in tears. I try my best to keep it together in front our daughter. All I want to do is hold her all day long and never let her go. On top of all this, my husband's Grandpa is in the hospital and I saw my doctor because of a lump on my leg and now pain in my joints, which is pretty bad at times (that's why I had my own blood work done today). Even though I have a million questions as to why this is all happening (especially with our daughter), I know God is still sovereign (read the book of Job). I don't need to know the answer to the question "why". I simply need to trust Him. (Why is it so hard for me sometimes?)

What I do know is that if God would decide to take our daughter home to be with Him, she will be in heaven. We have many family members who would not be in heaven if they died today. How about you? Are you going to heaven when you die? Have you received Jesus's payment for your sins by placing your faith in Him? If not, what are you waiting for? You never know how much time you have left. Every other "religion" will tell you that you can save yourself by doing good things or "trying your best" to be a good person. The Bible teaches it is only by GRACE we can be saved. On our own we can never be good enough because God is a perfect and holy God who cannot stand any sin. We have all sinned, and just like in a court of law today, payment must be made when we break the law. Jesus made that payment for you by shedding His blood on the cross. You can either receive His payment by placing your faith in Him, or if you choose to reject Him, you will have pay the penalty for your sins for all of eternity in Hell. This saddens me very much. How I pray that if you have not received the Lord Jesus Christ through faith that you will not delay any longer.

How can you pray for us? Please pray that our daughter will stay free from infections. Pray that my husband and I would stay free from infections, too. My husband works in the health industry and is in contact with sick people all day. Pray for our daughter's healing. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. Pray for the salvation of our family members who have not yet repented from their sins and placed their faith in Christ.


Jen said...

We are praying! God is so amazing and he will do amazing things in your little girl!

Karen Lee said...

Hi Jenna,

I don't know if your mom has mentioned me, but I'm her cousin. Your great-uncle Ken's daughter. I've just been following how your little girl is, and when I read this last blog my heart broke, for I remember so clearly when we were trying to find out what was wrong with our son, Joel. It was such a hard time, so scary, so exhausting. The day we got our diagnosis was the day I got the worst news of my life, for we learned that Joel has a terminal metabolic disorder. I am praying for you, that your news about your child will be better, but I wanted to let you know I understand just how hard these days are for you. If you would like, I too have a blog you'd be welcome to take a look at. Please also feel free to contact me any time if you'd like to talk.
Karen Smith

Jenna said...


I am so sorry to hear of your son's diagnosis. I cannot imagine what you are going through, knowing your son has a terminal illness. Yes, these days are very hard, and I am trying not to fear what the diagnosis could be but just take it one day at a time. I will have a look at your blog when I get a chance and we will pray for your family, too. As much pain as we are feeling now, I cannot imagine the pain you must feel now that you know your son's tragic diagnosis. May God give you the strength you need to get through each day.
Love, Jenna

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Jenna.

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