Thursday, October 7, 2010

Praise God for Some Good News Today

Praise God! For the first time (in what feels like a very long time) we had some good news back from the blood work. Today, Little Bittle's neutrophils were up to 6 % (still really low, but the highest they've been since this whole ordeal began and I think this puts her just bordering severe/moderate neutropenia). Her platelets were down from 920 to 633!! This is still higher than normal (shouldn't be above 440) but a definite improvement. Also good was that her c-reactive protein was normal, which indicates there is no inflammation going on in her body. I think that is a sign that there is no acute infection in her body right now. The doctor sounded quite confident that this has been virus-induced and that she is on the road to recovery. Also, the sores in her mouth look better today. Praise the Lord! Now, here's a very neat thing. My husband and I both had a feeling that today was going to be good news. Here's why:

  • Last night the strangest thing happened. I felt like I was awake all night, totally restless, and could not sleep. I kept waking up thinking "God is going to heal her tonight. Tomorrow is going to be good news." Here's the thing. I don't know if I was actually dreaming or if I was awake. I have no idea. I feel like I was awake the whole night thinking this, but I don't remember being awake at all. It was like this message just kept repeating over and over. This morning when I finally did get up, I wasn't sure if God had been speaking to me or if I was just making this all up in my head. I am pretty confident God was speaking to me because of the strange state I was in all night - not really dreaming nor sleeping.
  • Last night my husband was reading the book of Job and how God allowed nearly everything to be taken away from Job but in the end, God blessed Job with even more than he had in the beginning. My husband really felt that even though our daughter has been extremely ill these last few weeks that God was going to restore her and use this for more blessing and for His glory.
  • My husband and I were also thinking today (He was thinking it at work, and I was thinking it at home) of how our daughter's name specifically means "God answers prayer" and just how significant that is. We have had complete confidence this whole time that the meaning of her name was going to hold great significance in this event. We just weren't exactly sure how God was going to answer our prayer. It is so interesting to us that when we named our daughter, God knew just how important the meaning of her name would be. We never anticipated something like this happening, but God knew. What a great testimony this is.
  • Today I was trying to pack our bags for the hospital in case we got sent to see a specialist. The thing is, every time I went to pack, it seemed like the Holy Spirit whispered, "You don't need to pack your bags. It's going to be good news." So, I would stop, do something else, and then go back to pack again. But then God would whisper again, "You can pack if you like, but you aren't going to need those bags." Next time it was, "Ye of little faith. It's going to be good news today." No, the voice was not audible but rather whispered to my heart. There were times during the day I doubted and would pack a few things here and there, but I just felt so unsettled the whole time like I really didn't need to pack.
In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me. Psalm 86:7

**Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying. Please keep praying she will continue to heal.

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Kimberly said...

How awesome! I'm so thrilled to read this news. Glory be to God!

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