Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet "Little Bittles"

Mommy and Daddy decided that it was probably okay to post a few pictures of me, since we know there are lots of people praying for our family who would like to see what I actually look like. Did you know that my name means, "God Answers Prayer" ? Isn't that neat? Even though we never imagined this all would be happening, God knew that I would need lots and lots of prayer! You can just call me "Little Bittles" for now, even though that's not my real name. Mommy and Daddy do call me that sometimes, although I'm not sure why; it's kind of a silly name. Then again, they have lots of silly names for me. We are kind of a silly family. I thought you might like to know a bit about me and what my life is like. Here are some pictures and "get to know me facts"!

I love to swing!

I really don't like to sleep much, but when I do, I'm pretty cute!

I love cake! Then again, who doesn't??

I started walking when I was just over 10 months old. Now, I run so fast Mommy can barely catch me. I LOVE music so much that whenever I hear music, I break out into a jig!

I am a very good helper, and I like to do all the things Mommy does. See, I even help Mommy vacuum sometimes.

I love to help Mommy bake cookies for Daddy. I get rather upset if I can't be a part all the action. Mommy tells me she is baking for Daddy, but I see her sneak a cookie or two when she thinks I'm not looking.

I help with the laundry, too!

I'm pretty independent. I like to do things myself. I even feed myself sometimes. I like to have a fork in each hand and stir my food around and around.

I have visited lots of doctors and been in the hospital more times than most kids my age. It's kind of weird because most of the time I actually feel pretty good (until they try poking me with those crazy needles!) I think I've had my blood taken more times than my Daddy has his whole life.

My Daddy is pretty awesome. I like to cuddle with him. I don't even mind that he has to wear a funny mask sometimes because I know he's trying to protect me.

That's about it for now! One last shot of me...just because!


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Kimberly said...

Aww, your daughter is SO adorable! :) I'm really glad she's able to be home with you two again. I'm continuing to keep you all in my prayers!

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