Monday, December 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (December 6, 2010)

It's been awhile since I've posted a menu plan. It's not that I haven't been planning them - it's just that I've been too tired or lazy to blog them. Plus, we have been blessed by several people bringing us delicious meals (thank you, thank you, thank you!) to help us out during this crazy time, which has thankfully become less crazy but is still a tiny bit crazy, nonetheless.

First, an update:
Little Bittles is still doing fairly well. She has a bit of a stuffy nose and is sneezing a lot, so I think she might be coming down with a cold (or maybe it's just teething), but as long as it's "just" a cold, it shouldn't cause too much of a problem. We have ventured out a bit with her (to church twice and even to Walmart once). It's funny how I suddenly notice just how many people cough and sneeze. We are still doing our best to keep her away from noticeably sick people (which includes making a mad dash to the next aisle if the nice lady picking out a Christmas gift for her grandchild is coughing, sniffling, and quickly approaching our Little Bittles to tell us what a cute baby we have. And yes, that does happen...a lot!)
I am doing better than I was, albeit not great. This past week, I've been feeling awfully dizzy and lightheaded with a headache that has not gone away for 5 days now. The dizziness is constant and does not seems to get better no matter how much I drink or rest. My blood pressure is low (around 90/55 most of the time), and the one time I did feel better for about 5 minutes I checked and my blood pressure was 115/75. I know from the past, that my "normal" blood pressure is right around 120/80 because when I got out of the hospital and was feeling pretty good, I checked and it was 125/80 something. So, I'm pretty sure the low blood pressure is what's giving me a lot of grief these days. My question is...why do I have low blood pressure and constant dizziness? I am also still having some abdominal pain and nausea, but the severe pain in my legs has not come back, thankfully. Today I'm seeing my internist, so hopefully we can figure some stuff out because this is just not working for me. If I have to go the rest of my life feeling like this, then there will be a lot of changes around here. I actually debated about whether or not to head to the hospital over the weekend because I was feeling oh-so-terrible at times, but I decided to just hold off and wait until today since I had an appointment today anyway. We'll see what happens today.

And now, for the menu plan. I am hoping to keep it simple since I'm still feeling not-so- wonderful.

Sunday, December 5
I forget what we had for lunch (My short-term memory has been terrible lately)
We ate at my Mom and Dad's for supper

Monday, December 6
Hamburger Soup (from freezer), Cheese Toast

Tuesday, December 7
Turkey Rice Casserole (an awesome new recipe I discovered - will blog it sometime - using leftover turkey in the freezer)
Steamed Green Beans

Wednesday, December 8

Thursday, December 9
Cheesearoni Beef Casserole (recipe to come sometime), Tossed Salad

Friday, December 10

Saturday, December 11
Black Bean Soup, Savoury Flax Biscuits

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally impressed with your scrumptuous menu, especially given how you're feeling. I'm goin' beyond expectations if I can manage that steadily!

I keep checking in to read the latest, as well as praying for your and Lil' Bittles healing (definite diagnoses would sure be nice too).

Take care,


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