Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fever and Rash

It's been another eventful week for our household. I'm pretty tired and trying to recover from the past 3 sleepless nights, so I'll make this short. Last Thursday, like I mentioned before, she had blood work and a check up done. The results from that test were about the same as before. Her neutrophils were very slightly higher than they have been, which is always nice to hear. I was my usual paranoid self at the clinic, using my disinfecting wipes on all points of contact. The thing about doctor's offices is, well, it's where sick people go. Pretty sure Ellie picked up some sort of bug while we were there (or at the hospital getting blood work done). Oh well. It happens, obviously.

So, on Sunday, I noticed Ellie had a low-grade fever. She had it on Monday as well. On Tuesday, however, she seemed to be better. On Wednesday, her fever came back a bit higher this time and I noticed a couple red spots on her back and tummy. Thankfully, I was able to get her in to see her pediatrician the same afternoon. By the time she saw the doctor that afternoon, she was covered in a rash. At that point, though, her fever was still not too bad, just hovering around 38 C. The pediatrician examined her and said he was pretty confident it was viral. He decided not to order tests since her fever wasn't too bad at that point. If it got to 38.5, then we had to come back. Well, at supper time, it was right around 38.5. We decided to wait it out a bit. Then around 2 a.m. she was just miserable, and her fever was 38.8. We went back and forth about whether we had to bring her in right then to the ER since her fever was above 38.5. However, we figured that waiting 6 hours until the morning was probably okay since the doctor had already seen her that day. For the 3rd night in a row, I eventually crashed with her on the couch. In the morning, praise the Lord, her fever and rash were basically gone! So, we ended up not having to take her back to the doctor for the myriad of blood/urine tests. She's seems quite a bit better today, so we are pretty confident it's just a virus of some sort. I'm in recovery mode today, mostly just chilling and cuddling on the couch with Ellie. We tried to have a little nap earlier today. She was playing in the bed, while I was attempting to nap. In a half-asleep state, I suddenly awoke with a start to Ellie peering at me and trying to poke her finger in my mouth. LOL. I feel like I'm still in a half-asleep state, so it's time to sign off.

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Sheri said...

I so get the watching for sickness and fever thing. Sometimes Katie looks at me and says: Mommy I don't have a fever today! Sorry you have had some yucky nights! Glad that the fever and rash was gone so quickly. When Katie is not well, her bumps on her face get worse, have you experienced anything like that with your little one? We are continuing with the shots. Will know this week how she the numbers are doing. Sorry I didn't see your comment until today on my blog! Blessings!

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