Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schedule Adjustments

My head is spinning. I feel like I have a million and one things to do but just can't seem to get any of my projects done. In my home management binder, I have a cleaning schedule that was working really good for me. Notice I said was. Here is the beauty of life. As kids get older, your family dynamics change. Your needs change. I am finding that having a toddler is much different than having a baby. Much different! And I am finding I am way busier and probably more tired now than I was with a baby. Don't get me wrong - I love it! I love having a busy toddler. Yes, it's busy, but it is SO much fun! Of course there are hard moments, hard days, but the joy in having a little one outweighs all the trials. Now...where was I. Oh yes, schedule adjustments.
So, I've decided to tweak my cleaning, projects, and laundry schedule. There probably won't be any earth-shattering changes, but I am looking for more efficiency. And yes, I'm still trying to get on some sort of daily schedule. Here is my proposed new weekly schedule. I hope this makes sense.

Basic Weekly Schedule
*Each day immediately after breakfast, do a quick 15 minute whole house tidy. Go from room to room making beds, putting things away, quick wipe of main bathroom, clean up breakfast. Do a whole house quick tidy right before bed, too.*

Basic Cleaning: Floors (vacuum & mop)
Laundry: 1 load darks, 1 load lights, 1 load delicates (dress clothes)
Projects/Errands: grocery shopping, bake cookies/treats

Basic Cleaning: Clean tub/shower, thorough bathroom clean
Laundry: 1 load dark bedding, 1 load Ellie clothes, 1 load kitchen/dishcloths
Projects: 1st Tuesday of Month - photos
2nd Tuesday of Month - baby/memory books
3rd Tuesday of Month - Home management binder
4th Tuesday of Month - Ellie's closet

Basic Cleaning: Floors (up & down), Wipe couches, spot clean windows
Laundry: 1 load dark towels
Projects: 1st Wednesday of Month (every other month) - alternate window tracks & baseboards
2nd Wednesday of Month - Dust light fixtures
3rd Wednesday of Month - Kitchen cupboards

Basic Cleaning: Dust (including window sills), wipe dressers & bookshelves
Laundry: 1 load light towels
Projects: Baking (breads, buns, pita, make ahead meals (such as pizza pockets, pop tarts, etc.) )
Organizing projects

Basic Cleaning: Floors, bathrooms, fridge, stove, microwave, washing machine, dryer
Laundry: none or miscellaneous (hand wash, delicates, etc.)
Projects: Menu planning, sewing, organizing, special projects

One more thing. Do you have a mile long list of projects like I do? I find that I seem to never accomplish anything off of that list. I read somewhere that it is better to pick just 3 projects to do, and do not attempt anything else until those 3 are done. So, I'm going to try that method. I have way more than 3 projects I'd like to do, but I'm going to try this strategy to see if I can actually accomplish even 1 thing for once! Ha ha. Here are my top 3 special projects to complete, in no particular order. I'll add my top 3 projects to my sidebar and switch them out as I (hopefully) complete them.

1) Make a his/hers keepsake "love box" (for love letters from my husband, cards, special notes)
2) Try sewing this ruffle skirt from old t-shirts
3) Hang up pictures in master bedroom


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna
It's great to 'meet' you :) Your blog is really lovely - so much on it that I relate to. I wish that I had been so mature in the faith and focused on God's place for me as helpmeet, homemaker and mother when I was your age. I'm now almost 40 and finally its sinking in!:)) You're a blessing!

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