Friday, January 28, 2011

Bedroom Makeover - First Look at Paint

I put Little Bittles to bed around 7 last night and got straight to work. I had already taped the room during the day, so that saved me a bit of time. After the first wall, I was already sick of painting, but I was determined to finish before I went to bed. I finished around 10:30 or so, and we slept in the spare room so we didn't have to inhale paint fumes all night. Here's how our room has changed over the past year.

This is what it looked like when we first got moved in and set up. The paint was a green that I really did not care for. We didn't have any curtains for a long time.

Determined to get rid of the green paint, I made a rush decision and picked a greyish-taupey-pinkish-brownish-I really-don't-know-what-colour-it-is-colour. My husband pretty much hated it from the beginning, while I tried to convince myself that I actually liked it. Actually, in this picture it looks better than it did in person. I also sewed up some make-shift curtains made from bedsheets to cover up the windows and keep it darker in summer.

And here it is after Moonshine (the paint colour, of course!) did it's magic! I rearranged the bed to go against a different wall. We've had issues with arranging our furniture because of the location of the closet and size of the room. I think this new arrangement might work/look better. At first, I wasn't too sure about the new paint colour as I thought it was a little too blue for my taste. It is a light grey with blue and sometimes green undertones. In this picture, it's at its "blueist". After making the bed and arranging things, I have decided that I LOVE it! I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like I can just breathe better in there. It's a totally different feel than the pinky brown colour. This is much more calming, fresh, and serene. The space definitely feels bigger, which is what I was going for. It's not finished yet, but this gives you an idea of the look I'm going for.

Now...I need to decide on curtains and what colour to paint the nightstands and dresser (eventually). Thoughts? Advice? I'm loving the way the paint colour looks with the white trim, so I'm leaning toward painting the nightstands white. I'm thinking about going for white floor-length curtains, too, except I need something that will block out the light better. Maybe chocolate brown, black, or blue?? Oh..and silly Bittles struck a pose and cheesy smile when I brought out the camera! She's too stinkin' cute!

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