Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bouncing Back After the Flu

Our whole household has been out of commission these past few days. I came down with the stomach flu (or the likes, thereof) on Monday morning. Our daughter was also throwing up on Monday. The dizziness was actually the worst part of it for me because it made it very difficult to care for our baby. Thankfully, she had 2 very long naps during the day, so I was able to get a bit of rest. Then when she was awake in the afternoon, I put her in the exersaucer, turned on her Baby Einstein baby sign language dvd and crashed on the couch. That kept her occupied for quite some time. Now that she is running around, it would have been next to impossible for me to chase her around yesterday when I could barely stand up. I was literally counting down the minutes until my husband came home from work. Once he got home, he took very good care of me! :-). The next morning I felt significantly better, which was very good timing because during the night, my husband had come down with the same thing! So, yesterday it was my turn to take care of my poor husband who was really sick all day. Today, I am feeling about 80 percent; I am still a little weak and my stomach is gurgling a bit still, but my appetite is coming back. I am trying to slowly catch up on housework (namely, laundry) today. I am certainly glad that my husband and I had the worst of it at different times so that we could take care of each other and the baby. In other news...our baby girl has changed so much in the last week! She just learned how to clap her hands and to point to her ears. It is so cute!

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