Friday, August 20, 2010

Losing My Marbles

Some days I really think I'm losing my marbles. I'm certain I'm not the only mother who has ever felt this way. I feel like I've been running off of caffeine for the last few weeks...uhh...actually, make that the last 11 months. Looks like our Little Bittles inherited a few of the "I hate sleeping" genes from both her mommy and daddy (especially her daddy, who still doesn't really like to sleep!) Here are a few of my latest "Losing My Marbles Moments", which I'm blaming on some major sleep deprivation ;).

  • Spending 20 minutes looking for a shirt that I was wearing all along. Funny thing - I kept thinking to myself, "I KNOW I saw that shirt a few minutes ago...WHERE could it have GONE!"
  • Putting a hat on Little Bittles instead of a bib at lunch time.
  • Turning the kettle on without filling it up with water first. This one really wasn't all that funny as my husband only realized my silly mistake several hours after the fact, and when we got home after being away for the evening, that kettle was HOT! Oops.
  • Singing the ABC's and having to actually think about the words/letters when I get to the part "T U V" because my brain suddenly wants to start singing those letters in French instead of English.
  • Starting the coffee maker without putting the filter back in
This edition of "Losing My Marbles Moments" has been brought to you by the life of one sleep deprived mommy.

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