Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unloading My Cluttered Thoughts Via To-Do List

My head hurts. I desperately need to create another To-Do List so that I can go about my work without worrying that I might forget one of the projects I have whirling around in in my head. Our house is in complete disarray since the flu bug hit us hard this week. I started catching up on laundry yesterday, and today I'm working hard to get everything clean again. The stomach flu is an ugly one, so I'm trying to get EVERYTHING (meaning bedding, blankets, comforters, towels, personal laundry, etc.) washed. I'm also trying to get everything scrubbed down and disinfected. I've been working hard all morning, so I'm sitting down for a little break while Little Bittles has a nap.

Maybe I'm weird, but I find that writing down all my want to do/need to do ideas is a stress reliever. I keep some paper by my bed for this very reason. That way if I'm lying in bed and thinking of things I want/need to get done, I can write them down and forget about them. I need to unload some of my cluttered thoughts and ideas right now, so I thought I'd just dump them all here. This past week has got things a bit chaotic around here, so it's definitely time for another giant to-do list. Without further ado, I must unload my thoughts now so my head can stop hurting...

  • Plan Little Bittles 1 year birthday party (cake, a few decorations, pick day for party)
  • Organize and label cleaning closet
  • Organize and label linen/medicine closet
  • Make up a first aid kit and an emergency kit
  • Go through pictures on the camera and develop pictures from this summer
  • Develop pictures from sister-in-law's negatives (snorkeling pictures from Hawaii)
  • Order piano sheet music
  • Make more salsa (possibly tomorrow)
  • Try sewing a pillowcase dress for baby
  • Order wall decal for our bedroom
  • Look up ideas for painting/decorating little girl's bedroom
  • Look up ideas for painting/decorating spare room
  • Make some blueberry jam
  • Make half hour rhubarb jam
  • Make strawberry freezer jam
  • Reorganize the spare bedroom downstairs
  • Measure our kitchen and prepare it for getting renovation estimates
  • Look up kitchen ideas for renovations
  • Go through all boxes and use index card organizing system (big winter project)
  • Finish killing the gout weed and dig it out of the flower beds
  • Work on Bittles baby book
  • Finish staining the fence brain feels so much better! :-)

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