Friday, April 16, 2010

Healthy Snacks and Wardrobe Woes

Sewing/Decorating Update

I was really hoping to try out a new sewing machine today. I even went to the store bright and early in hopes of my machine being there, but I was told to check back tomorrow. Sigh. I am seriously so excited to start sewing! I found one that I want to buy. It is a computerized Singer on a good sale. My sewing kit is ready to go...all I need is a machine!

I also bought some paint yesterday to paint our bedroom. Our bedroom is currently a shade of green that I really do not care for. I am planning on painting it a more neutral colour and sewing some plain brown curtains. I don't know how to describe the paint colour. It's kind of grey but warmer. Hmm..I'll try to post before/after pictures if I remember.

Now...regarding healthy snacks.

Today I think I might experiment with a new snack recipe. I really like chips and dip, but they aren't exactly the most calorie-friendly things. I have been trying to eat a bit healthier and make healthier substitutions for some of my favourite foods. I found a really easy recipe for homemade pita bread. I thought I might make that today and then make some homemade pita chips out of it and serve them with hummus. If it turns out, I will share the recipe.

Now... for my wardrobe woes.

I am in desperate need of some new clothes. "Woe" probably is not the right word to use because I am actually quite happy that I have hardly anything that fits me right now. I have lost almost 30 pounds and several sizes since the end of December when I started exercising and eating healthier. Just a little while ago I got rid of all my old clothes from high school that I had held onto for 4 years in hopes of one day fitting into them again. Now I find myself wishing I had kept some of them. It seemed that right when I got rid of them all was when I found the motivation to start exercising again. I have also decided that it is time embrace the feminine. In the next while I plan on having my husband go through my wardrobe and get rid of all things he does not like. I went through an awful phase a year or two ago where I started...oh I'm almost too embarrassed to say it...wearing my husband's t-shirts. (gasp!) Terrible, I know, and oh-so-not-pretty. Thankfully, I stopped doing that a long time and my husband went through my clothes and threw out all of my old baggy t-shirts that were frumpy and downright ugly. Now it's time for another wardrobe overhaul, so I'll go through it again with my husband to get rid of clothes he doesn't like. I think that it's good for a wife to wear clothes that her husband approves of and likes.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom for some new clothes. After a few hours, all I had found was...NOTHING! Things just didn't fit quite right. I find it difficult finding clothes that are modest and still pretty. In the end I did find a couple things, but wowsers, it was a very tiring day! Thankfully we are heading on a little family getaway in just over a month, and we tend to do the bulk of our shopping on these little vacations. Until then, I will just have to manage with what I have :-)

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