Sunday, April 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (April 19)

I didn't follow last week's plan very closely, so many of the meals got bumped up to this week. We had some beautiful spring days last week, so I just HAD to use the bbq! That's partly why I didn't follow last week's plan all that closely. On Saturday we had barbecued hamburgers...YUM! I decided to put my lunch plans on here this week. I tend to keep lunches very simple; usually I just have things like a sandwich, a salad, tuna on rye crisps, leftovers, soup, an omelet, or a smoothie for lunch. My husband works some weekends and evening, so I try to plan my menu around his work schedule. On the days my husband is working late, then I try to plan something a bit more substantial for lunch and then I eat a simple supper. On the days he has off, I plan simpler meals.

Here's the plan for this week:

Sunday, April 18
Lunch: Leftover loaded hamburgers
Supper: Portobello Penne Pasta Bake adapted from this, veggies and dip

Monday, April 19
Lunch: Leftover pasta
Supper: BLT sandwiches, salad

Tuesday, April 20
Lunch: Hot dogs, mac n' cheese (lately we've been hot dog deprived! LOL)
Supper: Taco salad

Wednesday, April 21
Lunch: Leftover tacos or taco salad
Supper: Tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat, veggies

Thursday, April 22
Lunch: Smoothie, tuna on rye crisps
Supper: Jeera Chicken Curry (new recipe) and Rice

Friday, April 23
Lunch: Spinach & mushroom omelet, smoothie
Supper: Pizza and caesar salad

Saturday, April 24
Lunch: Leftover pizza
Supper: Something simple (Maybe whole wheat penne and tomato sauce)

*For more great meal ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday hosted by*

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Anonymous said...'re menu looks divine! This is my first time to your place. I have a feeling I'll be back for inspiration, and some culinary ideas to boot!

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