Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Typical Tuesdays

I just finished my late lunch of leftover borscht and cheese bread and thought I'd sit down for a couple minutes and share my to-do list for today.

This morning I went grocery shopping, which took a VERY long time, thanks to me losing the very detailed grocery list somewhere in Walmart before I had even hit the grocery store! Oops. However, I was pretty excited to use some coupons on a few things I needed to get anyway (a new razor for me, baby cereal, facial tissue, and freezer bags!) Plus, it was Customer Appreciation Day at one of the grocery stores, which meant I saved an extra 10% off, which was nice! Yes, I do love my coupons! :-)

Anyway, last night was a pretty terrible night. Our baby is recovering from some type of cold or flu, so she has been up lots in the night. Last night I was up about 8 times with her (every hour!). So, this morning, I got up at about 9 a.m., dressed and fed the baby, put a load of laundry into the washer, and then got ready to go out grocery shopping. I got home from grocery shopping around lunch time.

Here are my regular Tuesday tasks:
  • Clean all bathrooms thoroughly
  • Clean tub/shower
  • Wash daughter's laundry
  • Wash bedding and light towels
  • Fold and put away daughter's laundry
  • Update budget
  • Update/Organize Home Management Binder
Extras on my To-Do List today
  • Grocery Shopping (I don't have a specific day for this, usually Monday or Tuesday, though)
  • Finish putting away and organizing groceries
  • Go for a walk outside with daughter
  • Make up some homemade baby food to freeze (chicken & veggie mix, fruit)
  • Cut up pineapple
  • Put family pictures in frames
  • Jog on treadmill
  • Work on organizing pictures box
In the evening right before I got to bed, I read the Bible and sometimes a bit from another book. I may or may not get everything done on my list today, but usually by the time I go to sleep, most things have been crossed off. Now...I better go tackle that list! :-)

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