Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project Mania

I've had a busy past few days. Here's what we've been up to.

On Monday I painted our bedroom a smoky greyish/purplish colour, which I personally think looks better than the green that was on the walls before. When I first opened the can of paint, my husband's initial response was, "It's PINK!". Now his response is that as long as I like it, whatever colour I pick is fine with him. I think it looks okay. I am never too sure about change at first, but it usually grows on me. I want to either paint the kitchen or our daughter's room next, but I honestly hate painting. It is not something I enjoy, so usually I have to put a few months between each paint project so I can forget how much I hate painting. Then once I've forgotten, I start another project and then I wonder why I talked myself into painting again. Pictures to come once I've got my curtains sewn.

Sewing Machine
I finally got my sewing machine on Saturday. It's kind of a long story and I made 3 trips to the store in the same day in order to get my hands on one, but it's finally here, safe and sound. It is a Singer computerized one. Pretty basic. Not too fancy. It is still in its box, but make no mistake, I am itchin' to get it outta there and start sewing! Hopefully tonight or tomorrow it will make its grand appearance.

Car Conundrums
We have two cars, but we usually only drive one of them and the other sits in storage. I don't usually need a car during the day, and if I do, I just drop my husband off at work and pick him up if I need the car that day. On the weekend the car we currently are using started "acting funny". Well, my husband phoned around a few places and did some research on the internet to gather some info about what the issue was. He was told that a few parts would need to be changed, etc. Well after researching the internet, he decided that it might be a simple solution, so he bought a couple parts and fixed it himself! The mechanic he spoke with was wrong and sending it there would have probably cost a couple hundred bucks. Instead, my husband bought a 60 dollar part and fixed it himself. That's not all...

Our 2nd car sitting in storage also has a problem and frequently wouldn't start. My husband researched the internet again, found out how to fix it (a fairly complicated problem), and proceeded to buy a few parts and fix it himself on Monday and Tuesday. This problem would have cost several hundreds of dollars to fix and even then, it's not likely a mechanic would have even fixed the problem for good. My hubby had quite the project going, and I honestly have not a clue how he figured it all out, but he found a permanent solution and the car works great again! He is not a mechanic or even in a trade, but he is extremely smart! I'm very blessed to be married to him. He is hardworking and very good at problem-solving.

Carpet Cleaning
Since we already had our bedroom disassembled for painting, I decided to shampoo the carpet there and in the spare bedroom today. I bought a fairly inexpensive little machine that works pretty good at cleaning the carpets.

Schedule Interruptions
I am fairly scheduled person and have to fight the urge to not get into a major tizzy when things are not done precisely as I had planned. This past Monday and Tuesday were days where I got behind on my scheduled housework because of all the car projects, painting project, and visiting family. In the past, I would have gotten grumpy and stressed over having my schedule interrupted; however, I am learning to be flexible when things don't go exactly as planned. This is hard for me, I must admit, but is it really that big of a deal if I have to wash the bedding on Wednesday instead of on Tuesday? LOL. As a wife, one of my jobs is to help make my husband's life easier. This means that when my husband wants to work on projects or visit people, I should be cheerfully flexible and not think twice about the "interruption" to my day even if I had other plans for my day, which included housework, baking, organizing, etc. Today I am taking time to catch up on housework that didn't get done on its scheduled day this week.

And yes, I am washing the bedding today (even though it's a Wednesday!)!!!

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