Thursday, June 24, 2010

100 Facts About Me...for my 100th Post

For my 100th post, I decided to do something a bit more fun. Here are 100 facts about me.

  1. Am, first and foremost, a daughter of the King of Kings and desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in all things
  2. Am a wife and helpmeet to my best friend
  3. Am the mother of a beautiful baby girl
  4. Like olives (and I mean really like! I have been known to receive giant jars from friends and family for my birthday or other special occasions)
  5. Got engaged to my husband while I was still in Grade 12
  6. Took a lot of heat from my teachers for getting engaged to my husband while still in school
  7. Married my husband the summer I graduated from high school
  8. Never regretted marrying "young"
  9. Grew up on a farm
  10. Would like to return to my "rural roots" someday and live on an acreage in the country
  11. Play the piano
  12. Like to sing
  13. Have a fear of fish
  14. Been to Hawaii
  15. Partially conquered my fear of fish while snorkeling in Hawaii
  16. Love to cook
  17. Always wanted to learn to play the violin
  18. Pretended to play the violin with wooden spoons when I was a kid
  19. Not very good at scrapbooking
  20. Wish I was good at scrapbooking
  21. Have somewhat curly hair (I guess that would be called "wavy". Lol)
  22. Hated my curly/wavy hair as an adolescent and straightened it every day for a year
  23. Have now embraced my curly/wavy hair and rarely straighten it
  24. Would like to learn to sew
  25. Love to bake
  26. Want to try making sour dough bread sometime
  27. Like to read but have a hard time making time for it...but when I find to read...I
  28. Read (other than the Bible) mostly nonfiction, historical fiction, or the classics
  29. Am not embarrassed to use coupons and I do use them...a lot
  30. Am terrible at gift wrapping presents
  31. Am not the most "creative nor crafty cat on the corner"
  32. Like to use alliteration (see above) Lol
  33. Have a weird sense of humour
  34. Am married to a man I will never beat in any board game that involves strategy because...I
  35. Am married to the smartest person I know when it comes to strategy or logic
  36. Would like to have several children, Lord-willing
  37. Do not have any idea how many children is "several", lol.
  38. Am planning on homeschooling our children
  39. Am very competitive with respect to sports, board games, etc.
  40. Like musicals such as The Sound of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Mary Poppins
  41. Am not fond of bananas
  42. Am not fond of milk
  43. Think that "fond" is a funny word
  44. Am a bit of a neat, clean, and organization freak...however...I
  45. Do not always have a very neat, clean, nor organized home :-)
  46. Am a home-body and enjoy staying at home
  47. Like Mediterranean food
  48. Like going on road trips
  49. Have taken a road trips to South Dakota.
  50. ...and Yellowstone National Park
  51. ...and Minneapolis
  52. Have gone para-sailing in Mexico
  53. Like hazelnut chocolate
  54. Am an wannabe-organizer
  55. Want to experiment with canning and preserving food
  56. Wish I knew how to quilt
  57. Had horrible morning sickness with our first baby
  58. Delivered our daughter via emergency C-section
  59. Am planning on having a VBAC next pregnancy
  60. Am disturbed by the fact that store bought bread takes forever to go moldy
  61. Bake my own bread most of the time because of the above disturbing fact
  62. Think one of the best smells is the way the house smells after baking fresh bread
  63. Recently read the Duggar's book 20 and Counting! and thought it was awesome
  64. Get nervous when I play the piano in front of people
  65. Have been known to be the bossy older sister at times
  66. Am afraid of heights
  67. Yelled in fear while riding the ferris wheel once because of the above fact
  68. Am more of a night owl than a morning person
  69. Like to play tennis
  70. Like classical music
  71. Used to pretend to conduct the orchestra while listening to classical music
  72. Attended university for 2 years
  73. Like taking my baby for walks when it is nice outside
  74. Feel faint at the sight of blood
  75. Worked for a brief time as an optometrist assistant even though the word "eyeball" has always given me the shivers for some strange reason.
  76. Really enjoyed playing basketball in high school
  77. Don't watch much tv
  78. Don't listen to the radio much either (pretty much never)
  79. Watch things like cooking shows, home decorating shows, family shows like Little House on the Prairie, and sports when I do watch tv.
  80. Am a Philadelphia Flyers fan (along with my husband)
  81. Enjoy watching hockey with my husband and cheering for the Flyers
  82. Met my husband while working at a Bible camp
  83. Hid in a garbage can for "campers find counselors" hide and seek at Bible camp
  84. Want to learn the art of cake decorating
  85. Like coffee drinks but can't drink them just black
  86. Often play Christian music in the house, especially when I am working in the kitchen
  87. Like hymns and wish we sang them more
  88. Like looking through cookbooks and marking down recipes I want to try
  89. Was the last person to get on the last bus leaving the university during the worst blizzard I have ever seen.
  90. Stood on that bus, which was packed like sardines, in the blizzard for 3 1/2 hours to get home on what was normally a 10 minute bus ride home.
  91. Was one happy girl once I waded through the above waist-deep snow to crash inside after that bus ride
  92. Am having a hard time thinking of 8 more facts about myself :-)
  93. Have been taken by ambulance to the hospital
  94. Have never broken a bone
  95. Am very allergic to nickel and constantly have eczema because of my nickel allergy
  96. Learned to read before I started kindergarten (my Mom taught me)
  97. Can barely draw a stick-person even though my grandmother was a very talented and fairly well-known artist with her own art studio and shop
  98. Enjoy the subjects of English and History more than Math and Science
  99. Love my husband and daughter more than I can ever tell
  100. Am blessed beyond words with a wonderful family and most of all, the assurance of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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